Make Your Own PHP + Javascript Start Page in 3 Simple Steps

21 Fabulous Print Designs To Inspire You This Week

Print design is a specific niche which manages to intertwine both visual and tactile elements in the creation of an appealing product. What differentiates print design from other graphic design fields is the product’s ability to affect the viewer through physical sensation. Different types of paper and printing techniques can improve the appearance of the print […]

Tools for Designing and Publishing an Infographic on a Budget

As a designer on a budget, creating and publishing an infographic might seem daunting. It can be hard to figure out where to get started – but it’s not impossible. With virtually endless choices for design tools, templates, and programs, as well as a wide variety of potential venues for publication, you don’t have to […]

Design Focus: Drag-‘n’-Drop

These sites invite you to interact with them by more than points and clicks, and mouse around with drag and drop features.

Design Focus: Dots & Circles

Emulating the circular form is always an intriguing exercise because of its technical and aesthetic challenges, especially on the Web. So every year it’s a delight to see designs that explore the “perfect shape” and take it to the next level.

Must-Have Apps For Devs To Reduce Eyestrain

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re staring at a computer screen that’s constantly emitting blue light, the light from your computer screen that blocks your body’s melatonin secretion and, as a result, interrupts your circadian rhythm. We know that staring at electronic devices for long periods of time can be dangerous for our health, […]

5 Things to Look For in a Great WordPress Template

With thousands of WordPress templates to choose from, it’s possible to find ones that are really good and really bad. But most of them are right in the middle, not good or bad. These tend to result in a site that doesn’t make a good impression on a visitor. In other cases, it can just […]

Design Focus: Glitchy

There’s several decades worth of story behind glitch art, but it’s experiencing an interactive surge in web design now that the tools and technology have finally caught up. All about the anti-slick, anti-perfectionist, these sites are the very essence of disruption.

11 Highly Underrated Plugins for WordPress

When it comes to creating a user friendly WordPress site, you aren’t exactly stuck doing all the work yourself. In fact, there’s a plethora of great plugins out there that not only make users’ lives easier, they’ll make yours a bit easier, too. Most designers and developers are familiar with the basics and must-haves, but […]

5 Effective Data Storage Tips for Web Developers

As a web developer, data storage is of supreme importance. And as your business grows and you attract more clients, your storage needs to scale. Having a plan in place for how you’ll grow and keep important data safe is key. Otherwise you’ll end up compromising integrity and losing many of the assets and accounts […]

How to Ace your Next Web Developer Interview

You don’t need anyone to tell you that web development is a crowded industry. This is especially true when you’re forced to go head-to-head with cheap overseas labor and other online entrepreneurs. However, there are still plenty of jobs for you – you just can’t afford to mess up the interview process. In fact, you […]

Best Tools for Developers in 2015

What’s in your toolbox? Come on, don’t be shy. Every developer keeps a list of tools handy, and the contents of every developer’s toolbox are different. Sure, there are some standards: Notepad++, Browser Stack, Bootstrap—but not all digital toolboxes are created equal. It doesn’t matter what field you work in; specific jobs require specific tools. […]

7 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Website Host

You spend a lot of time designing a website to attract users and convert them into customers. However, what many entrepreneurs don’t realize is that it’s just as important to choose a good web host as it is to choose a good Web designer. Often, new site owners go with the cheapest and easiest Web-hosting […]

8 Analog Tools to Help You Design

Design doesn’t just happen in software, editors, or the browser—it often starts offline with the simplest of tools: pen and paper. With that in mind, let’s do a round up of helpful analog tools that can aid you in the process of brainstorming, doodling, sketching, wireframing, or prototyping by hand.

Make your site more sociable with OpenGraph markup

These days, before people click on your site they will probably see it through a link shared on your social network of choice, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on. Usually these sites are smart enough to extract descriptive information about your page and display that so followers already get a good idea of what they’d be clicking on, but wouldn’t it be great if you could optimize that information to ensure you get more engagement?

With a bit of HTML knowledge (and perhaps some programming knowledge, depending on what website templates you’re using), you can make more sites more “sociable” by adding these tags to the <head> portion of your site. Text in {CURLY BRACES} are placeholders for the values you need to insert.

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