Make Your Own PHP + Javascript Start Page in 3 Simple Steps

Design Focus: Reading List

These featured designs are all in keeping with a publication theme in terms of content and presentation. Although they don’t necessarily have to look like a shelf of books, it’s interesting to look at how they came up with such websites to accomplish their goals.

Design Focus: Get Some Perspective

As this year ends and a new one begins, it’s good to think different and look at things from a different angle. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

5 Premium WordPress Themes Which Have Definitely Nailed It

Let’s face it, finding the perfect WordPress theme that fits your requirements can be a tiresome task. The burden of creating a great website is not limited only to the actions “purchase” and “transfer domain name”. Choosing the right theme to go with your site can be an exhausting undertaking and there’s a reason why. […]

5 Ways to Finance Your Small Web Design Firm’s Content Marketing

Building a successful Web design business takes a veritable Swiss Army knife of different skills. There’s the work of designing and building sites. There’s the work of marketing so you can ensure you have someone to design and build sites for. There’s the work of making sure you keep good enough books to pay taxes […]

Web Hosting: Making The Right Choice<

What’s the most convenient choice for web hosting and how can you understand and compare different web hosting plans in order to make the right choice for your needs? We’ll answer these questions and many more along the way in this simple guide to making the right choice with your web hosting service. Just getting […]

Data Storage Done Right: How Developers Can Avoid Downtime

One of the most important concerns developers should have when dealing with data storage and migration is server downtime. Server downtime prevents internal productivity and cuts off user access to your sites. Overall, downtime is bad for everyone. In order to prevent major losses to server downtime, developers need to take a number of systematic […]

Design Focus: Fall In Line

These sites feature prominent lines that steer your way of reading and browsing the page.

21 Fabulous Print Designs To Inspire You This Week

Print design is a specific niche which manages to intertwine both visual and tactile elements in the creation of an appealing product. What differentiates print design from other graphic design fields is the product’s ability to affect the viewer through physical sensation. Different types of paper and printing techniques can improve the appearance of the print […]

Tools for Designing and Publishing an Infographic on a Budget

As a designer on a budget, creating and publishing an infographic might seem daunting. It can be hard to figure out where to get started – but it’s not impossible. With virtually endless choices for design tools, templates, and programs, as well as a wide variety of potential venues for publication, you don’t have to […]

Design Focus: Drag-‘n’-Drop

These sites invite you to interact with them by more than points and clicks, and mouse around with drag and drop features.

Design Focus: Dots & Circles

Emulating the circular form is always an intriguing exercise because of its technical and aesthetic challenges, especially on the Web. So every year it’s a delight to see designs that explore the “perfect shape” and take it to the next level.

Must-Have Apps For Devs To Reduce Eyestrain

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re staring at a computer screen that’s constantly emitting blue light, the light from your computer screen that blocks your body’s melatonin secretion and, as a result, interrupts your circadian rhythm. We know that staring at electronic devices for long periods of time can be dangerous for our health, […]

5 Things to Look For in a Great WordPress Template

With thousands of WordPress templates to choose from, it’s possible to find ones that are really good and really bad. But most of them are right in the middle, not good or bad. These tend to result in a site that doesn’t make a good impression on a visitor. In other cases, it can just […]

Design Focus: Glitchy

There’s several decades worth of story behind glitch art, but it’s experiencing an interactive surge in web design now that the tools and technology have finally caught up. All about the anti-slick, anti-perfectionist, these sites are the very essence of disruption.

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