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13 Crucial Do’s & Don’ts of Modern Web Design to Stand Out From the Crowd

Web design has become an extremely lucrative and competitive industry with thousands of new developers springing up across the globe. We are now in a new industrial era where businesses are not confined to local service providers but now have access to a global marketplace through sites like oDesk and The playing field is […]

Design Focus: Stylish Scrollbars

A few years ago, WebKit resurrected the ability to style browser scrollbars the way Internet Explorer first did. These days customizing the scrollbar is still not as rampant or recommended, since it’s not that advisable to mess with behavior that users are already used to, but featured below are sites that went ahead anyway. Some of them have pretty striking results.

Design Focus: Color Chameleon

Adding a color-changing effect is a neat way to instantly make your site more dynamic and fun.

Design Focus: On The Eyes

Have you ever wondered about the user experience and interface design of shopping for spectacles and sunnies? This week we’re looking at online shops for the eyeglass- and sunglass-wearing crowd.

Design Focus: Infographic Web

You’ve gotten a glimpse of infographics making their way to the web in people’s portfolios and causeworthy sites. Here, our featured designs are independent websites that put the fascinating discipline of data visualization front and center.

Design Focus: Noir & Suspense

For all the clean and minimalist designs out there are sites that evoke a dark, brooding, adventurous mood with illustrations, light, and even sound. The ones featured below also carry that noir, vintage feel.

Design Focus: Evergreen

We’re not talking about eco-friendly sites but designs that have taken a liking to this lush hue, now more than ever.

Design Focus: New Age Editors

Check out these modern tools that will help you build websites faster and better than ever before, and the design patterns they employed for their landing pages—from animations to familiar color schemes.

Design Focus: Interactive Resumes

These days it’s not enough for a web designer to have resumes or curriculum vitae like they usually do. If anything, it’s the best avenue to put their best foot forward and show off the skills that they’ve got to potential new bosses.

Design Focus: Versus

Go on a virtual sparring match with these websites that pit one person or concept against the other. Which design reigns supreme?

Design Focus: Pictures in Words

More typographic pieces are front and center in this list, all against striking pictures and even video.

Design Focus: Drag Around

These featured websites want you to drag their interfaces to navigate. Is it a better design decision or not? Let’s find out, shall we?