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Having WordPress Sickness? is the Cure

WordPress is such a great CMS platform by allowing people to build fully functional websites right off the bat. By choosing the right theme and plugins, they can create a blog, an ecommerce site, or business site. It doesn’t hurt that WordPress is easy to use and manage compared to other platforms. As of February of 2014, over […]

Deal of the Week: WordPress Shortcodes Plugin +3 Extra Premium Themes

Most developers have spent a bit of time using WordPress as it is one of the more stable platforms available. Plugins and themes are the cornerstone to easy design changes. Customizing your own website can be tough, however a CMS is always a better solution to save yourself the manual labor. This current deal is […]

The Thesis Theme for WordPress

The Thesis theme framework from DIYThemes boasts of a no-frills, content-championing philosophy and aesthetic in order to build a site, all while providing its users with powerful options to do so. Out of the box, Thesis has a stark yet highly readable appearance that will appeal to those who value typography, whitespace, and clean lines. […]

Mercato Premium E-Commerce WordPress Theme

Created by Rocketthemes, Mercato is a premium e-commerce theme that turns your WordPress site in to full-fledged online shop without the need for installing additional plugins. This seem doesn’t appear to skimp on e-commerce features including: shipping and tax calculations, coupon codes, support for both tangible and digital products, product variations, hierarchical categories, stock inventory […]

WordPress Themes

How to add Pinterest’s “Pin It” button on your WordPress and Genesis Framework site

Pinterest is probably the hottest online sharing and organizing social network today, and if your website’s community has jumped on the pinning bandwagon, make sure it’s easy for them to share and save your stuff with the “Pin It” button. Here’s how you can add it to your WordPress site (including Genesis Framework-powered sites).

6 WordPress Themes for iPhone Apps

Recently I had to go through the WordPress themes for iPhone apps for a client. Surprisingly there aren’t many available and not all are really great. The best is always to have a theme designed specially for your app, but time and budget can play you parts. Not everyone has a big budget to develop […]

17 Miscellaneous WordPress Plug-ins for 2011

Time to revise those WordPress plug-ins. WordPress is still the most common used publishing system by experts an amateurs alike. Which means also the most targeted by hackers, spam, bots, etc. I compiled a list of new and older, still popular and useful plug-ins for you to try out. Some plug-ings have been around since […]

WordPress Themes 2011 White Edition

One can never get tired of WordPress themes or have too many of them ready to use. I collected a fresh batch of WordPress themes, most of them are very recent. They all work with WordPress 3 and these ones are all white. Now that Jetpack plug-in was released for self-hosted WordPress sites, theme makers […]

7 Plug-ins to Customize WordPress Admin Bar

WordPress 3.1 now adds the familiar Admin Bar to your website/weblog. A feature made popular by Tumblr first. WordPress added the Admin Bar a while ago to their web based weblogs and now to self hosted weblogs. While a handy feature, not everyone is crazy about it. Myself for one, sometimes I can get really […]

WordPress Poll and Survey Plug-ins

A good way to get visitors input is using a poll or survey form. There are various web applications that you can use for free or on a trial version. But if you use WordPress for your website and want total control over your theme and data, a WordPress plug-in is the way to go. […]

The Best White Minimal WordPress Themes – Part 2

In May last year I published The Best Minimal WordPress Themes. Since I can never get enough of minimal design or WordPress themes, I’m publishing a part two. This time they are all free and most of them for weblogs and one is light gray instead of white. Enjoy these ‘new’ old themes, and I […]