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WordPress Poll and Survey Plug-ins

A good way to get visitors input is using a poll or survey form. There are various web applications that you can use for free or on a trial version. But if you use WordPress for your website and want total control over your theme and data, a WordPress plug-in is the way to go. […]

WordPress Backup Options

With all the security breaches, hacking and DDoS happening this past year it’s 100% clear that no matter how small your WordPress site, it needs to be backed-up. A lot of people rely on their hosting company to guarantee the safety of their website, but unless they are at fault you are the sole responsible […]

10 Old and New Useful WordPress Comment Plug-ins

It’s always good to revise what plug-ins are out there that might been forgotten or new ones that are not very popular. The popularity of Twitter has had some impact on comments on weblogs. A lot of people rather make their comment on Twitter then on the actual weblog or website. The challenge is to […]

The Best WordPress Slideshow and Gallery Plug-ins

Even though WordPress has its own build in gallery function it isn’t very fancy. Unless you have good coding skills to modify the gallery your best option is a gallery or slideshow plug-in. The nicest plug-ins are build with jQuery making them very slick and dynamic. A couple of the galleries even support more formats […]

Must Have Books About Web Design And WordPress

Last week I posted about 7 handy cheat sheets to help you code your own WordPress theme. This week I’m focusing on books that go into all details. The web is full of ready made tutorials, even though they explain how something is done you can just copy paste it to use it on your […]

7 Handy Cheat Sheets To Help You Code Your Own WordPress Theme

After countless of design and inspiration list you have finally come up with your own website design. But it is still sitting in Photoshop waiting to be coded. Coding a WordPress theme for the first time can appear a daunting task and even if you have done it before there is a lot of tag […]

12 Old and New CSS Menu Techniques

A navigation menu, something unmissable in all websites, one of the most important factor besides content. You can have a simple navigation or a very intricate one, design and code wise. Once I learned some key navigation techniques I went on to learn how to work around WordPress generated navigation to still be able to […]

12 Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates and Frameworks To Get You Started

With Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta just released we are a step closer to being able to use more functionality from HTML5 and CSS3. More and more developers and designers are taking the steps and creating their sites with HTML5 and CSS3 leaving the option to the user to switch to the most modern browser […]

10 Useful Lesser Known WordPress Plug-ins

There are countless of posts that highlight great WordPress plug-ins and after sometime you keep coming across the same ones over and over again. The fact is that no matter how good or great these plug-ins are sometimes they are just overkill for your needs. Once a plug-in is popular developers will mostly keep expanding […]

7 Very Handy Shortcodes for WordPress

One of WordPress greatest feature since version 2.5 is shortcodes. All themes comes with a function.php file. You just have to put the shortcodes in your themes function.php and you can start using them. Shortcodes are handy for features you want to use in your posts but not in all of them. Plug-ins usually are […]

10 Awesome HTML5 Canvas Examples

There has been a debate waging some time already about the use of Flash or HTML5 Canvas, which became pretty intense when it became obvious that Apple would not support Flash on its mobile devices. With big websites slowly implementing canvas, the constant updates from browsers(dear IE excluded) and the gaining popularity of HTML5 the […]

10 Wonderful CSS3 Creations

We have already shown what CSS3 with HTML5 can do for your website. But beside websites CSS3 with jQuery can do a whole lot more. You can make animations with it that could only be done with Flash before and create designs only possible with Photoshop. Once FireFox and Internet Explorer have finally catch up […]