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The Best WordPress Social Media Plug-ins

If you write on a weblog for commercial purposes it’s of importance to make your content shareable through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Delicious to name a few. Social media functionality is as unmissable as having a title for your weblog. While having social media functionality is a must it must not be overdone. […]

How To Add Support For Menus In Your WordPress Theme

Do your WordPress themes support 3.0’s latest Menus features? If not, here’s how to do it quickly and painlessly.

Top 20 HTML5 and CSS3 sites to inspire you

The use of HTML5 in combination with CSS3 is really starting to take off. Safari, Chrome and Mozilla are pushing more support with each new release making it possible to code really great websites. The best way to learn new techniques is by example, trial and error. Currently you can already start using HTML5 just […]

The Best WordPress Admin Plug-ins

There are many WordPress Admin Plug-ins out there, but with each upgrade WordPress is improved thus rendering plug-ins unusable or the developer stops upgrading the plug-in. It’s a chore to go through the plug-ins to see what is still usable and compatible. The following list contains plug-ins that are still very handy to handle your […]

Using Filters With Conditional Tags in Child Themes

Combining Conditional Tags with WordPress filters to maximize your custom code when working with WordPress Child Themes.

CSS Breadcrumbs In 5 Minutes

Website breadcrumbs help us find our way. Here’s how to implement and style them in 5 minutes.

CSS3 Generator For All Your CSS3 Needs

For those of you wanting to experiment with CSS3 but find it difficult or tedious to keep up which code to use so all proper browsers actually display the code there is a solution.

The Top: 12 Best jQuery Image Galleries

There are countless of jQuery image galleries out there, we gathered the best ones for you.

Can Bad Coding Cause A Revolution?

How to write clean, well-written code and possibly prevent a revolution.

Add A Facebook Like Button To Your WordPress Theme In 5 Minutes

Want built-in Facebook “Like” buttons on your custom WordPress theme? Here’s how to do it in under five minutes.

10 Awesome CSS3 Techniques to Improve Your Designs

CSS3 Is together with Canvas one of the more exciting elements of web design. With this post we want to showcase some awesome techniques to improve your design with the help of CSS3.

WordPress Snippet: More Posts in the Same Category

Make your single post view more interesting to read for your visitors by displaying more posts from the chosen category.