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Content Management Systems for a Fast Backend

Web designers are not often concerned with the performance of their website. This is often left up to the developer(s) who need to cater both frontend and backend codes. Considering how popular the open source movement has become I wanted to delve a bit deeper into which solutions may provide the quickest user access. I […]

Rising Trends in Modern Website Design

The field of web design has been growing by leaps and bounds. Over the past 2 years we have seen tremendous strides in the realm of CSS3, jQuery, browser support, and HTML5 webpage elements. Most developers are willing to move towards these trends and build a semantic community based around similar goals and ideologies. The […]

Premium Graphics for a Solid User Interface

Developers know better than anybody about the struggles of creating a usable interface. This can pertain towards desktop software, mobile apps, or website layouts. There are so many areas of development that you have to consider what interfaces are most commonly accepted by users. This is not an easy task and it does take a […]

Best Infographics for Modern Web Designers and Developers

Jumping into the world of web design can produce a number of curious inquiries. The longer you study and practice the easier things get, but designers are always striving for that next level. I have included a series of great infographics geared towards modern web designers. Many of these contrast with newer Internet trends as […]

15 Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Wallpapers for iPhone

One of the most famous women of modern times and thought by many to be one of the most beautiful as well, Marilyn Monroe’s visage still adorns everything from t-shirts to paintings, and many things in between. Her face is unforgettable, her poses an alluring combination of sexy and reserved and her death a tragic […]

An Infographic on The “Horrible Web Design Client”

Web design may be seen by many people as a creative endeavor. And it is. Designing a web site entails a lot of creativity and not just in terms of aesthetic implementation. It also entails a keen sense of design because a web site should actually work and function effectively and not just be beautiful. […]

Never Make These Mistakes in Corporate Website Design

All of us made mistakes. It is natural and inevitable. However, it would be best if we take note of our mistakes, learn from them and never do them again. On the other hand, we can minimize committing a mistake if we are just pro-active enough to know how we can avoid them. In creating […]

Best Tea Websites for Inspiration

A couple of nations are well known for their love affair with tea: the United Kingdom, India, Australia and China are only a few examples. But the practice of drinking this herbal liquid is spreading to those regions where coffee was for so long the big seller. That is why you see more websites dedicated […]

5 Most Bizarre but Useful Calendars

I love calendars. While they have become largely unnecessary thinks to technology in just about every electronic in the average person’s possession, there is just something special about them. Maybe it is the traditional touch that reminds me of earlier days, when cell phones were enormous and computers were a novelty in homes. Perhaps it […]

How To Decide Logo For Your Business?

Shopping gives us fleeting happiness and every person have useir own choice and taste of shopping. Some want to buy the cheaper things whereas some are brand freaks. Such people always look for a popular brand name. Thus it shows how essential is the brand name and its logo. You want your consumers to be […]

Basekit Website Builder Makes Creating Sites Easy And Affordable

As a fan of simple to use “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) applications I was pleasantly surprised over the last few days to be testing Basekit, a website builder that allows for easy and attractive website creation. The system works by allowing users to pick PSD (Photoshop) templates which are geared towards […]

Branding Your Website Using Simple Graphic Design Principles

Designing a website isn’t about just picking a nice color, throwing together a few navigational menus and hoping for the best, a great web designer will tell you that your design should brand your website and fit the industry you are targeting, while each part of the site must work together to form an “identity” […]