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Basekit Website Builder Makes Creating Sites Easy And Affordable

As a fan of simple to use “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) applications I was pleasantly surprised over the last few days to be testing Basekit, a website builder that allows for easy and attractive website creation. The system works by allowing users to pick PSD (Photoshop) templates which are geared towards […]

Branding Your Website Using Simple Graphic Design Principles

Designing a website isn’t about just picking a nice color, throwing together a few navigational menus and hoping for the best, a great web designer will tell you that your design should brand your website and fit the industry you are targeting, while each part of the site must work together to form an “identity” […]

6 WordPress Themes for iPhone Apps

Recently I had to go through the WordPress themes for iPhone apps for a client. Surprisingly there aren’t many available and not all are really great. The best is always to have a theme designed specially for your app, but time and budget can play you parts. Not everyone has a big budget to develop […]

Icons and Grunge Fonts

Time again for some fresh icons and fonts. This week you’ll find listed here five different icons; hand drawn, social,, for the cloud, android and credit cards. A couple of them are vector only which gives you more control over the size and color. For the fonts choice this week we are going grunge. Since […]

Dutch Web Design Inspiration

The web design community is mostly dominated by U.S. based web design companies and designers. It does make sense considering that English is the first language of the world. Designers from other countries may prefer to join communities in their own language, which keeps them from a larger crowd. I decided to list a couple […]

Facebook Page Design and Tutorials

Since the introduction of the ‘Like’ button the use of Facebook pages by companies, brands, etc. has increased immensely. Facebook has a limit on amount of friends one can have and if you surpase that amount you need to to switch your account to a page. With pages you can add your personal design inside […]

Tumblr Themes Grey and White Edition

Following Mondays post on WordPress Themes White Edition, there is today, Tumblr Themes Grey and White Edition. Even though Tumblr is still struggling with down time, the service popularity hasn’t decreased a bit. With the enormous offer of themes available, it’s hard to make your Tumblr look like MySpace. But not everyone has a good […]

WordPress Themes 2011 White Edition

One can never get tired of WordPress themes or have too many of them ready to use. I collected a fresh batch of WordPress themes, most of them are very recent. They all work with WordPress 3 and these ones are all white. Now that Jetpack plug-in was released for self-hosted WordPress sites, theme makers […]

Business Card Tutorials and Templates

This week a selection of business card tutorials and templates. The days that we only had a phone number to give are long gone. With Twitter, Facebook, weblogs, emails and the old fashioned phone number, everyone should carry a business card. Actually you should carry more than one, one for professional purposes and one for […]

10 Free Icons Set for your Website

It’s time again for a fresh batch of popular and lesser known icons. If you regularly create a lot of websites, you can’t have enough icons in your resource folder. My favorite sets are always those that are minimalist and contain off beat icons that are not web related. On this list my preference goes […]

High Quality HTML and CSS Templates

Following the last two posts on forms, I’m now listing 10 fresh HTML and CSS templates. They are ideal for implementing a modern form, while not all templates listed here are HTML5, you can replace the old doctype for the newest, <!DOCTYPE html>, supporting HTML5. After all remember that the new doctype is backwards compatible. […]

Photoshop Photo Tutorials and CSS Tutorials

With the increasing better support from browsers for CSS we can rely more on code for content presentation. I noticed that a lot of websites don’t look farther then the design and typography. It’s good practice to include images with your articles and weblog entries. But many people don’t think about enhancing photos and using […]