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10 Things Every Web Developer Should Do to Woo High-Paying Clients

Every freelancer dreams of a land flowing with milk and honey where the perfect web development clients are ready and waiting to spend big bucks for a rocking website. A land where prospects understand the intricacies of the art and respect the skill and expertise of you, the developer, without giving you a 6 for […]

13 Crucial Dos & Don’ts of Modern Web Design to Stand Out From the Crowd

Web design has become an extremely lucrative and competitive industry with thousands of new developers springing up across the globe. We are now in a new industrial era where businesses are not confined to local service providers but now have access to a global marketplace through sites like oDesk and The playing field is […]

How to Choose a VPN Service for Your Own Business

Freelance developers are not a rarity anymore these days, and more and more, freelancers are having to consider what they do as a business. While freelancing is rather different from having a day job, if you want to go legit and actually make a profit, treating what you do as a business is the route […]

How To Go It Alone In The Freelance World

If you’re looking to start a new chapter in your career – whether you’re dissatisfied with your current employer or feel that you’re able and ready to tackle some tough challenges on your own – then going freelance might be the booster to your confidence and CV that you need. There are a number of […]