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The Plugin Rule

Are you addicted to plugins, extensions, addons, or whatever they’re called for your CMS? Then you should keep the Plugin Rule in mind. After all, it is way to easy to clutter our sites with additional functionality that hogs load speed and whatnot these days…

5 Reasons You Should Be Using The Sandbox Theme

Have you looked at the Sandbox Theme, but decided not to use it after all? Or perhaps never heard of it? Then maybe you should rethink your position. Dustin tells you why.

Save Time With These Downloadable Drupal Client Guides

So you’ve set up and designed an excellent Drupal site to your client, now to get them to not call you every 5 minutes and ask how to do stuff with it! Here are two simple client guides to share instead.

Pros and Cons of WYSIWYG Editors

WYSIWYG editors can be a great help when moving a design to the web, or a big nuisance. Lucinda is looking at the pros and cons of WYSIWYG editors in this post.

How to Make a Magazine-Style Homepage with Drupal, Pt 1

This is the first part in a series of posts covering how to make a magazine-style homepage with Drupal, a popular publishing platform. In this tutorial, we’ll get it set up and ready.

Gravatars: Why Both Commenters and Publishers Should Use It

Do you have a Gravatar associated with your email when commenting on blogs? And if you’re a publisher, do you enable Gravatars on your site? No? Here’s why you should be able to say yes to both these questions.

Join Blog Action Day 2008 – Blog About Poverty on October 15 to Make a Difference

I’ve given the floor to Easton Ellsworth and Blog Action Day 2008. It’s an important cause – poverty – and if you’re a blogger, or just reading blogs for that matter, you can make a difference.

Things to Consider When Using Movable Type as a CMS

Blog software is often used to power more than just blogs, and it seems each new release of Movable Type brings more CMS-style features. Here, we take a look at the good, bad, and strange things you can expect when running an entire site with MT.

Finding Harmony Between Categories and Tags on Blogs

Blogs today have categories, and they have tags. The problem is, a lot of blogs have a whole bunch of categories, even more tags, and they’re all clashing with each other due to poor planning. So how could and should we use categories and tags?

MT 4.2 Brings New Features, Some Gotchas

Movable Type 4.2 is here! The new version promises better performance and a ton of new features. Find out what features are most exciting and what changes to look out for if you’re upgrading.

Site is Down, Reddit Style

When Reddit goes offline, for one reason or another, they tell you in geeky humorous fashion. What makes a “site is offline” page good? Let’s discuss it!

Things To Consider When Using WordPress as a CMS

WordPress is a powerful blogging platform, but it can be used as a traditional content management system as well. This article gives tips to what you should consider when building a website powered by WordPress, as well as some hints as to how you can handle various types of content.