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8 Analog Tools to Help You Design

Design doesn’t just happen in software, editors, or the browser—it often starts offline with the simplest of tools: pen and paper. With that in mind, let’s do a round up of helpful analog tools that can aid you in the process of brainstorming, doodling, sketching, wireframing, or prototyping by hand.

Make your site more sociable with OpenGraph markup

These days, before people click on your site they will probably see it through a link shared on your social network of choice, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on. Usually these sites are smart enough to extract descriptive information about your page and display that so followers already get a good idea of what they’d be clicking on, but wouldn’t it be great if you could optimize that information to ensure you get more engagement?

With a bit of HTML knowledge (and perhaps some programming knowledge, depending on what website templates you’re using), you can make more sites more “sociable” by adding these tags to the <head> portion of your site. Text in {CURLY BRACES} are placeholders for the values you need to insert.

Schema: Using Structured Data Markup to Improve Your Site’s SEO

A beautifully developed website doesn’t matter if no one ever sees it. Incorporating structured data markup, according to standards from the project, makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site. Although there’s no hard evidence that structured data markup directly improves search rankings, it can increase the number of referrals from search […]

4 Tips to Personalize E-Commerce Websites

It takes a lot of work and an aesthetic eye to create a well-designed Web site. It also takes expertise to present your e-Commerce story in a way that will attract customers and traffic to your website. With quality images, a simple but transparent check-out process, customer service options and a user-friendly navigation mechanism, personalizing […]

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Make Money

Social media is here to stay, and it has changed the world as we know it. On the one hand, spending too much time socializing on sites like Facebook and Twitter can be an enormous waste of time and productivity. But on the other, these connective technologies and communities can absolutely help you accomplish the […]

Solutions for Masking your Internet Traffic

There is a lot of prominent advice on the Internet regarding your own privacy. Users do not always consider how easy it can be to snoop into a public wi-fi or even into a weak(but protected) network. Your Internet history is something you may wish to keep to yourself, and it can be annoying if […]

Get featured on Blog Search Engine and win a Platinum Package worth $99.99

Every week on Devlounge we feature inspiring designs and ideas, give you tips on what works and what doesn’t, and share useful resources to improve your site. Don’t you wish the efforts you’ve done towards building your site would be recognized?

How to Find Free Electronics and Equipment on the Internet – Businesses can Do This Too!

It’s one thing to buy inexpensive office equipment and electronic devices on the internet and it is quite another to get totally free items. You may have wondered whether it is indeed possible to get valuable electronic or mechanical gadgets on the internet. The answer is that indeed it is, though there is most probably […]

6 Great Tips Every Web Designer Should Follow

Do you own a website, if yes then you might surely know about Search Engine Optimization? If you want to make your website successful, SEO optimized content and web design is most important aspect. SEO literally mean bringing more quality and quantity traffic to a website from search engines. Make sure that the content you […]

How to Handle Customer Complaints

In the event that you get an angry email or telephone call complaining about your service, what do you do?

How Do You Keep, Develop and Execute Ideas?

Different things might work for different people. What are your “magic formulas” for success?

Outsourcing Development

Have you considered outsourcing development work?