10 Old and New Useful WordPress Comment Plug-ins

It’s always good to revise what plug-ins are out there that might been forgotten or new ones that are not very popular. The popularity of Twitter has had some impact on comments on weblogs. A lot of people rather make their comment on Twitter then on the actual weblog or website.

The challenge is to bring back discussion to your weblog without denying the new. I listed a few plug-ins that aim to have users comment made on Twitter posted on your weblog or to Tweet the comments made. Also a few oldies that are still working well but are being used less, especially the comment preview. If a weblog has a preview option I always use it.

Akismet is not listed as it comes default with WordPress. Using Akismet is a must, thanks to Akismet the spam that get through is minimal. If you have a low comment traffic I would advice that you use comment moderation. It’s what I do, a couple minutes of work a day keeps spammers away.


WordPress Comment Plug-in

This plug-in will visit the site of the comment author while they type their comment and retrieve a selection of their last blog posts, tweets or Digg submissions which they can choose one from to include at the bottom of their comment when they click submit.

Comment Rating

WordPress Comment Plug-in

Allows visitors to rate comments in Like vs. Dislike fashion with click-able images. Poorly-rated & highly-rated comments are displayed differently

Facebook Comments for WordPress

WordPress Comment Plug-in

Allows your visitors to comment on posts using their Facebook profile. Makes use of Facebook’s new Social Graph plugins.

Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering

WordPress Comment Plug-in

Numbers comments sequentially and hierarchically; handles comments which are threaded, paged and/or reversed. Coders can call the function directly.

Quote Comments

WordPress Comment Plug-in

Creates a little quote icon in comment boxes which, when clicked, copies that comment to the comment box wrapped in block-quotes.

Simple Twitter Connect

WordPress Comment Plug-in

Simple Twitter Connect is a series of plug-ins that let you add any sort of Twitter functionality you like to a WordPress blog. This lets you have an integrated site without a lot of coding, and still letting you customize it exactly the way you’d like.

Twitter Mentions as Comments

WordPress Comment Plug-in

Twitter Mentions as Comments does exactly what it promises to do – scours Twitter for people talking about your blog posts and silently inserts their Tweets alongside your existing comments. The plug in leverages the power of WordPress’s built-in commenting system – notification, comment moderation, author white/black listing – making Twitter an extension of your blog.

AJAX Comment Preview

WordPress Comment Plug-in

Visitors to your site can preview their comments with a click of a button.

Live Comment Preview

WordPress Comment Plug-in

Live Comment Preview is the simplest way to get live comment previews on your site.


WordPress Comment Plug-in

Gives commenter the option of Tweeting their comment with a link to your post.