Favorite Five: Free Dingbats

Not only do I love the word dingbat, I’ve been known to spend hours going through dozens of dingbat font lists, constantly amazed by the quality of some of these ornaments and characters. Today, I want to share my top five favorite free dingbat fonts of the moment. Most of these dingbats look great at smaller sizes, so they’re perfect for creating your own icons- but you can also use them at large sizes for posters, etc. Enjoy:

Faux Snow


Because it’s December tomorrow, and winter is my favorite time of year, these snowflake dingbats top my list. Look closely, and marvel at the intricacy of these snowflakes. An @font-face kit is also available, in case you want to use it to pepper your website without having to create graphics.

Download Faux Snow now »

Warning Tables


There’s always a place for warning signs, which makes having these Warning Table dingbats installed a great idea for any designer. Well-crafted symbols of everything from POISON to CAUTION to Pedestrian Crossings are included.

Download Warning Tables now »

Baby Dingbats


Great for child and parenting websites and projects, these baby dingbats will add a touch of whimsy to your design without having to use Comic Sans.

Download Baby Dingbats now »

WC Sold Out


‘Tis the season for shopping, so it won’t be difficult to find use for these retail-related dingbats. Included are some nicely rendered objects such as a coffee grinder, a razor blade, various styles of eyewear- even a mini Eiffel Tower.

Download WC Sold Out now »

Siruca Pictograms


Once again, I’ve saved the best for last- and I urge you to have a look at the entire character map of Siruca Pictograms because they’re so well-made. They’re meant to be used, as in the example below, with the Siruca stencil font, also by the same author.

Download Siruca Pictograms now »

Which dingbats do you love?