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Friday Focus 01/21/11: Four Ninjas & a Samurai

These Japanese warriors seem to be very popular figures in design and tech companies, so let’s see how these websites take off on the concept. Welcome to this week’s Friday Focus!

Designs of the Week

Ninja Support Services

Clearly the header image is too narrow for wider screen resolutions but it doesn’t look bad like this. Love the hanging look of the content and the weapons as icons everywhere.

CSS Chopper

Instead of listing recent work on the page, they surprisingly show up in the flyout menus. This design seems to prioritize keywords over portfolio.

CSS Ninjas

Doesn’t feel too ninja-y, but looks very elegant.

Slice Dojo

Do we have copycats in this list? The carousel integrated into the sliding door panel is clever, but the rope and hanging paper looks almost exactly like the first site featured here, with ninja star icons in the menu as well. Who copied who?


I like how the content area needs no background so the rest of the design shows through without much distraction.

Social Media Weekly

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CSSPolka dot background with gradients

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