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Friday Focus 01/27/12: Solid Color Coded

Welcome to the last Friday Focus of the month! This week we’re featuring sites employing blocks of color as a dominant part of their designs. Who says we need to use gradients in everything we do? See how it’s done.

Designs of the Week

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Medis Kök & Bar website

Medis Kök & Bar

Always a good idea to grab inspiration from your logo and and translate it directly into your design. Here you have a sumptuous photo slideshow on the homepage, but inside it’s all color blocking, with each page title in its own column, and the body copy to the left. It’s only unfortunate that background images had to be used instead of real text, and again, too much all caps.

Camp Luxe website

Camp Luxe

It looks like color coding and icon-based navigation go hand in hand in this trend. Lots of boxed in elements here, but still looks very light and breezy. I particularly like the background pattern made up of the icons you find in the navigation, but arranged in a way that’s both luxe and cozy at the same time.

Favolla Comunicação website

Favolla Comunicação

I like the paper-based forest in the background and the icon designs that mesh so well with the logo. What puts me off a little, however, is the uneven alignment of the boxes and the justified text.

Orestis Webdevelopment website

Orestis Webdevelopment

Once again, another icon-focused design, but in this case they’re quite abstract and futuristic looking. The use of very colorful hues is just right and not overwhelming at all.

Maria Helena Cunha's website

Maria Helena Cunha

Two more familiar trends here: triangles and the use of CMYK as the color palette. I find the text to the left a little too cramped and dark, and considering each block is pretty lengthy there should have been at least some hover effect that lit them up similar to the one you see to the portfolio on the other half of the page.

Dataveyes website


I like how each section literally uses one bold color in its background. The visualizations and and other hover effects are also lovely. Some blocks are cut off though, as if the height isn’t calculated properly, and the typesetting is a little rough.

The Work Cycle website

The Work Cycle

Another CMYK (plus green) color scheme here. One good idea I noticed is the hover on each image puts on a slight tint based on the section it’s in. It’s a little confusing, though, that the four colors are used for both locations and the top navigation as seen in the circles above.

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  1. By adam posted on January 30, 2012 at 9:00 am
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    Cheers for the great post, i really like the block coloured websites you have showcased here. These websites are really great inspiration, and i will definitely be looking back over this blog post for inspiration the next time i want to design a website with a block theme. I personally like campluxe I really feel it has took the block theme the furthest, and the use of colours is inspiring.

  2. By Ben Clarke posted on January 31, 2012 at 10:38 am
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    Nice collection of web design here I am really impressed with the first one and not just because it has a big picture in the background! I really like the way the colours all seem to flow together and the integration of the logo.

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