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Friday Focus 08/13/10: Let Your Garden Grow

This week on Friday Focus: vines, blooms, and other foliage that do a great job of framing your website.

Designs of the Week

Rancho La Peregrina

When doing vines on a sky background, it doesn’t make much sense to have drop shadows, does it?

Мария Папазова

The gradient on the tabs are a little severe but the translucent ones look great. I kind of want more blue in the background though, feels too white.


The use of fixed-width type is curious, but I like the mixed textures. The actual photo of a basket for a shopping cart icon is priceless.

Carlos German and Team

The Quick Search box looks a little cramped; the Map Search could be more accessible.

Vinarija Malec

Some nice watercolor textures here although again the shadows get to me. A little bit of a split layout going on below.


The subtly moving leaves (and the squirrel’s tail) look great—they barely call attention to themselves so when you do notice them, they’re a nice treat. Attention to detail everywhere.


I like how the leaves are behind the large sign up button.

David Gheorgita

Something more ornate and abstract. I feel a disconnect between the gray-black top and the brown bottom, though.

Justin Woods

Another disconnect here. The header is awesome—there’s a bear! carrying a sign!—but the bottom is just too light and doesn’t even carry any hint of nature in it.

Island Dentistry Laguna Beach

Beautiful design. Not sure what a music player is doing on a dentist site, but perhaps they thought it would be a fun little touch.

Layla Grace

The flowers look so pretty I they weren’t just in the background. The turquoise is a nice contrast to the floral hues of pink and peach.

Ivan Signorile

I like how the leaves are used as frames for the circular icons here.

Mystic Club

Love the purple and fuchsia, it even matches the club photo on the front page. Centered logo alert!

Splendour in the Grass

Make sure your eyes are well-rested before you view this site; every color of the rainbow seems to be on here. The content area could have used at least a translucent background to make the text more readable, which is already so small.

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  1. By Victoria Blount posted on August 16, 2010 at 9:30 am
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    I think the designs above work so well, incorporating the leaves and foliage to define the border of the page design.

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