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Friday Focus 09/09/11: Denim

This week on Friday Focus we’re featuring a specific type of texture being used in websites: denim. Is it the new wood pattern? Let’s find out.

Designs of the Week

Enliven Labs website

Enliven Labs

I like that the texture used isn’t the typical blue fabric, which also means you aren’t limited by the color palette for the design. You see color swatches at the top, a fixed red ribbon background, and a huge call to action button once you get to the bottom of the page. Also, in the quest for integrating social icons into a design, we come across another technique: there’s a dark silhouette of the Twitter bird, which “lights up” into full color when you hover.

wtfJeans website


The jean texture looks interesting but seems to be fighting with the navigation text. I think it’s good that the figure text is actual text, and not merged with the rest of the pants diagram. The “Made In Europe” text looks a little out of place, and could have been styled more like a badge than a button. What I really like is the textured circular backgrounds in the four bottom links—not mind-blowingly stunning but a nice touch.

Alexander Hahn's website

Alexander Hahn

I love the stitched look especially on the logo. It’s a simple design, based on an existing theme in fact (as noted in the footer credits), but the idea of using two “layers” in the background, bounded by a vertical border on either side, is something I don’t see everyday.

Drupalcamp Atlanta website

Drupalcamp Atlanta

This site ties many different elements together to create a lovely design: vintage typography, tickets that look like tickets, folded tabs, and even orange-dyed denim shaped as ribbons! However, the orange on dark gray, combined with the Harlow font, is a little taxing on the eyes.

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