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Friday Focus 09/10/10: Light Streaks

They’re a bit more abstract than sunbursts and are often used to break the horizontal and vertical lines that run throughout the design. Enjoy some subtle light streaks this week on Friday Focus.

Designs of the Week

Mix and Mash

Light streaks go well with the bokeh effect, of course, which in here is subtly animated with CSS3 animation properties. I love the folded paper effect as always, and the way it’s done here is even more exciting.

Joseph Alessio

This approach of blocking out image areas where large text appears is something you don’t see often and while it obviates the blockiness, I say it makes the eyes wander a bit further.

Baney Design

I like a slideshow effect that isn’t boxed in. Black and white and minimal design here.

TEDx San Diego

It’s great how the streaks in the header actually show up in the carousel—which slides vertically, and then horizontally for the Speakers block. Also interesting: the two-row header menu.

Photobooth for Android

For such a flashy video and lighting effect, I expected an equally flashy transition animation for the tabbed navigation. And the way the layout isn’t center aligned perfectly just throws me off. On another note, I find it interesting that Vimeo actually has portrait-style video dimensions, which is what was used to demo the app inside that Nexus One graphic.


I love how all the rectangles on this design were slashed away with diagonal lines, from the buttons in the header navigation to the fancy layered slideshow (look at those wood slabs), to the hanging portraits, to the footer.

Reklama dźwiękowa w Katowicach

The pink and blue does feel vintage but still cheerfully modern. I really like the way the data is arranged in the bottom part, but I wonder if it should have been written in tables, tabular data and all that.

Streamline Safe

I think the headings don’t match so well, but I like how clean this is.


Big, bright buttons everywhere and the colors look lovely (and appetizing, of course).

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