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Friday Focus 12/17/10: Curious Creatures

This week on Friday Focus: interesting monsters that are featured as mascots of these designs.

Designs of the Week

El Designo

Love the big header that changes for every page; the illustrations are not cliche and the wrestling concept is well thought out.

Sara Tušar Suhadolc

Looks like cute little monsters are her specialty, but I have to wonder why there’s no big brand beside the pink blob. Feels like that’s the only thing missing on this page.

Denise Chandler

The implementation of the scribbly look all over is just excellent. There’s also a bit of subtle line direction in the background. The strength of the design also lies in its conciseness.

Castings Online

Pretty polished website, but I feel like the creatures were just left in one place and then forgotten.

Tijuana Flats

Mind-blowing on imagery alone, but look closer and see how every interface is custom. From the tongue menu to the slot machine donation counter to the handwritten body font. Truly immersive.

Easy Peasee

Nice and clean, but I feel like the links on the side could be placed right after the welcome blurb, which has an awful lot of whitespace below it.

Samuel Brunet

Very interesting arrangement and controls for the portfolio section. There are arrows in almost each section to encourage you to keep scrolling down. Again, the creatures seem completely forgotten after the first screenful.

Social Media Weekly

ConferencesOn Speaking
“The people that get up to speak in front of an audience are no different than the people sitting in the audience. The only difference is that they’ve said yes.”

DesignThe Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page
“Ten key landing page features that draw in users”

DesignWhere to Find Fonts that Allow @font-face Embedding
” Just because the font vendor gave you the font for free doesn’t mean you can redistribute it. Same thing with the fonts that came with your computer. Again, you have to check the license to be sure.”

“HTML Lint is a tool that makes sure your code looks good. While XHTML was very strict with syntax HTML 5 is more lenient like previous versions of HTML, which means keeping consistent code styles will become more difficult. Validating is not good enough anymore.”

“I’d call this a bonafide CSS trick!”

JavaScriptFront-end developer essentials – 5 tips for efficient jQuery
“Over the last few months I’d like to think my skills in jQuery have got a lot better, I’ve been using it everyday and for more than just showing and hiding areas of a page. Along the way I’ve read about a few ways in which you can make your code a bit more efficient.”

  1. By marian posted on December 18, 2010 at 10:17 pm
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    Hey Sophia,

    thanks for making this weeks ‘social media weekly’ a little longer than usually. While I found the sites mentioned but a bit inspiring, it’s the SMW content that pulled me in this time. Useful stuff.

    Keep it up!

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