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Friday Focus 12/24/10: Scroll & Peekaboo

Merry Christmas Devlounge readers! This week’s Friday Focus features designs that tell awesome stories with scrolling and now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t effects.

Designs of the Week

Ben the Bodyguard

I really don’t have much to say about this except that it’s so addictive! The animations and illustrations are fantastic. This is just a “coming soon” website, but I don’t want them to change it when the product officially launches.

Rob Edwards

Predominantly black and white/gray so the colors from the portfolio stand out. Love the carnival theme and its rich ornate typography.

Design Made in Germany 5

A lot of nice things at play here: lovely layering, social media hidden until hovered over, infinite scrolling, translucency, custom type everywhere, and a completely fluid layout. It’s an edgy approach to web-based magazines.

Javascript für Designer Workshop

Simpler than the others but equally impeccable, with abundant amounts of whitespace. The embossed effect of the logos in the footer is a very nice touch.

Just a Few Cards

Besides the excellent mailbox animation, I really like the card previews. It’s interesting how the add to cart buttons have both plus and cart icons in them.

The Open Internet

This site reads like a vertical storybook, with captions changing for each screenful. The “why is this important?” section is also a nice implementation of the ordered list.

Social Media Weekly

TypographyHappy Holidays from TypeKit
Read how they made this website here.

JavaScriptMerry Christmas in 1KB of JS
View more Christmas 2010 demos here.

ContentThe Twelve Days of Contentmas
“This is a simple little plan to make sure that your personal site, blog or portfolio is not just looking good at the end of these twelve days, but is also a really useful repository of really useful content.”

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