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Design Focus: Creative Competitions

Several designy, creative people have put up some interesting side projects which revolve around pitting one thing against the other, from cute to sporty to illustrated. How do they compare and contrast? How do they get spectators to participate? Let’s find out!

Designs of the Week

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Love the cute overload on this page, both the illustrations (3 different pet logos, too) and actual pet photos. The question I would pose though is: do the former overpower the latter? Like on the homepage, you don’t see participant pictures until you scroll to the lower half. But that’s just for the front and everywhere else it’s an adventure into wonderfully laid out profiles, from polaroid stacks to trophy cases. Even the sponsor boxes have smart, enticing copy and look hardly like ads.

Clash of the Boroughs

Clash of the Boroughs

Excellent use case for a responsive site. The light hardwood background at the top makes the white a bit hard to read but the contrast on the rest of the page looks great. The photo treatment is given to the portraits, but this time in monochrome blue and black. Whereas the two other sites use the call to action keyword “Vote”, this site uses “Represent”.

Lettering versus Calligraphy

Lettering versus Calligraphy

Here’s another nice framed page. The Raleway font is a little thin for my liking particularly for the footer, but the overall choice of font sizes seem to give way to the real content of the site.

Social Media Weekly

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User ExperienceBreaking down Amazon’s mega dropdown
“The hover effects on Amazon’s big ‘ole “Shop by Department” mega dropdown are super fast. Look’it how quick each submenu fills in as your mouse moves down the list.”

Responsive Web DesignHow to Optimize Responsive Design for Conversions
“Keep anything that makes it easier for mobile customers to find what they’re looking for quickly. That means maps and directions, business hours, and tap-to-call functionality that puts them in touch with a representative.”

HTML5HTML5 forms input types
“The best thing about all this? You can start using them now.”

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