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Friday Focus 01/08/10: Red

Who’s in the mood for some red designs this week? Let’s start the show!

Designs of the Week

Carmilla la Vampira

A bit of parallax going on in this horizontally scrolling site. Love the illustrations, which are interconnected through color.

Red Nose Day

I love that practically everything looks hand-drawn! But everything still looks tidy, and therefore readable.

Bitela Pizza

I think my only nitpick here is the use of Flash for the top menu, and the lack of rounded corners in the pizza graphic. Other than that, this site is making me hungry for Brazilian pizza.

Chrome Bags Store

I like the not-quite-centered layout and the little nicks and cuts to the content boxes. Edgy, that’s what I think they call it.

Dark Crimson

I’m a sucker for these 3-dimensional, folded elements (is there a name for this yet? I really want to know). And the shades of red in this site are quite appealing. I just have a tiny issue with the top and bottom padding in the Featured Projects box—should’ve had more.

The Vibe Tattoos

Now this is one of those sites that put me on the fence when it comes to looks, but I like how striking it is. Plus the quirky icons below? It captures how left-of-field tattooing is.


I like the whole industrial feel with a bit of a plastic-y twist in the menu and buttons. It makes browsing the site that much more exciting.

Aaron Shapiro

Beau.ti.ful. You can go a long, long way when you get the typography down pat. And whitespace is your best bud.

Elk City Chamber

I really like the animated neon sign and oil rigs, dresses down the whole grand look of the site with its ornate borders and background.

Design Expedite

This site’s bordering on very low contrast, but it’s still readable.


There isn’t as much red in here as the other sites but it makes since a very bright shade of red was used. I have to point out that something brilliant is going on in the contact page: the map of their company office is a live Google Maps spread which spans the whole background. Neat!

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  1. By Victoria Blount posted on January 8, 2010 at 9:11 am
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    My favourite websites from above are, using different shades of red instead of accent colours.

  2. By Daniel Redgrove posted on January 22, 2010 at 6:08 pm
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    Rosso Carmilla sounds exotic, it’s amazing how parallax slide quickly!

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