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Friday Focus 07/03/09: Chaotic & Whimsical

Design usually means arranging things in an orderly, meaningful manner, but this week we’re throwing that out of the window and going for chaotic and whimsical sites. Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone, and welcome to this week’s Friday Focus!

Designs of the Week

HALO Creative Agency

The left-aligned layout works well here. I love that in the inner pages, the background changes, but remains “chaotic”.

Creative Spaces

I’m not sure what this design style is called, but it always catches my eye. Another left-aligned design with a touch of opacity and great use of repetitive graphical elements.


I love the header. And the custom illustrations for for each featured artist. And the bright color scheme—light blue, pink, and yellow for a hip-hop magazine? With a perfect-cursive font for the headers? Now that’s what you call adventurous!

Jae Salvarietta

Here’s a one-page portfolio designed like it was a storybook. I particularly like the use of textures on the illustrations.

The Museum of Science and Industry

Now this site takes a similar approach, with the airborne objects found all over the place. It’s not quite as grand and playful as I would have liked, but a great look for a serious institution.

Douglas Menezes

I love the crazy lines and color combination. It’s not a complicated layout, when you look at it closely, but it certainly looks extraordinary.

Fritz Quadrata

I’m not sure if this design is a result of cramming everything above the fold, but it works! It showcases the artist’s versatility and his portfolio’s diversity at one glance. And given that all the illustrations look whimsical and fantastical, it gives a very interesting personality to the website. What I’m not sure about is the big default image in the center, and whether it’s competing fiercely with the already strong background.

Darjan Panic

Another foreground-background competition here. I’m not sure if this design will sit well with everyone, especially since it’s already dark, but the background looks pretty interesting and it’s a quick way to add interest to your site.

Social Media Weekly

ProgrammingMaintainability Guide (Beta)
An interesting guide on how to write maintanable code.

UsabilityKeep Users Updated During Long Load Times
Tips so they won’t just go away.

CSSCSS cascade – a simple step-by-step presentation
A great tutorial on mastering the CSS cascade.

  1. By Victoria Blount posted on July 6, 2009 at 9:06 am
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    These websites are brilliant fun, and fantasy but still functional and related to the company or subject. I especially like the “Halo” website, it still looks structured and professional but also creative.

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