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Friday Focus 10/03/08: Giant Imagery

Giant imagery is this week’s theme on Friday Focus. Happy October everyone!

Designs of the Week

Volunteer Lawn, Inc.

I like the boxy/modular look of this site. I especially like that the huge background image shows what the company is all about, which is landscaping Knoxville and surrounding areas.

Back of the Napkin

Again, the look of the site strongly reinforces its subject with the napkin and the handwritten effect. But this time, the layout is non-linear. Minus points for using Comic Sans MS in the testimonials section though!

Kendal Mountain Festival

You don’t have to make your background image appear throughout the length of your site. For the more meaty content, this page uses a solid background color. Then you end up at the footer with jagged borders evocative of the mountain slopes.

Madame Surtô

Great mix of all things floral, textured, and hand-drawn. But the design detail I like the most is the sewn patch look.

Social Media Weekly

DesignForget the Wireframes, Throw Away Your Boxy Layouts — Design BIG!
The title speaks for itself. A guide to thinking out of the box and designing BIG!

ProgrammingCSS Systems for writing maintainable CSS
A presentation by Natalie Downe about “CSS Systems”, a “top-down approach to architecting a site’s CSS”.

  1. By David posted on October 9, 2008 at 11:36 am
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    Yep, as screens get bigger and the internet gets faster – people can make their sites more “media rich”. I know I did the same thing for mine. 😉

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