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Friday Focus 10/17/08: Office Stationery

Let’s take a look at websites that look like they were built with stuff found in your office stationery. Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Focus!

Designs of the Week

Cherokee Mills

A good combination of the elegant and the industrial feel. The “paper” aspect does not look overdone (to the point of looking almost like a scrapbook), which fits the content and purpose of the website.

Meagan Fisher

Now here’s a site that leans toward the crafty, scrapbooky look, made for a personal blog. I like that the graphics may look dark, but the doesn’t feel glum.


A huge site whose content is presented mainly in images. The downside is you need instructions to be able to navigate it; and the clickable squares aren’t even descriptive. The upside is once you figure it out, you’ll enjoy browsing around.

This site makes me feel like I’ve been taken back to the turn of the new millennium. It’s pretty different from the grunge styles we see today. It feels much more genuine.

Future of Web Apps - Miami 2009

How do you organize a site with lots of content to digest? Try horizontal sections that vary in background styles. Keep them fixed and use transparent illustrations for an interesting scrolling effect.


This site looks completely different from the other ones above. It’s the classier side of our office stationery suite, mostly because the designer avoided rough textures.

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  1. By Brandon Cox posted on October 17, 2008 at 1:44 pm
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    Very nice! My favorite design is Meagan Fisher’s, but it’s not apparent what the name or title of the site is – it isn’t very obvious. This may be purposeful though. I envy it!

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