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Friday Focus 10/30/09: Orange for Halloween

We have some pumpkin-colored sites this week on Friday Focus, just in time for All Hallows’ Eve. Enjoy!

Designs of the Week

Joshua Giblette

The top half is all about the work, while the bottom half contains supporting information from other sections of the site.

Daddy Design

I never tire of this blocky, 3-dimensional style. The “request a free quote” tab at the top is a nice touch.

Senso Studios

I love the navigation buttons in the header. The dark flowery wallpaper background is a bit weird though. But overall, I like the ample use of textures here.

Think. Do. Create.

Clean and light with just a touch of grungy textures. Lovely.

Citizen Design

The use of hovers to switch between different chunks of text in the portfolio carousel was confusing at first, but it’s all good.

Joe Nyaggah

I enjoyed this website. Modern and airy with a touch of warmth thanks to the orange and the owl. The text only needs to be a notch larger.

Open Video Alliance

I really like this color scheme! Plus the whole translucent and outlined graphics.

Camera Civile Como

Orange, red, and black—I don’t think there’s any stronger color combination than that! Since it looks like this is a legal site, it’s great that the designers made sure the text is easy to read.


The best part of this site is that you can actually rate each item in the portfolio. Then in the client panel at the top, they’ve got the top rated designs and some great articles for resources.

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  1. By Victoria Blount posted on November 2, 2009 at 9:37 am
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    I think the white and orange sites work the best with orange as the accent colour as opposed to a base colour.

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