Design Focus

Friday Focus 10/31/08: Dark Designs

We’re celebrating All Hallows Eve Friday Focus with dark designs. Trick or treat!

Designs of the Week

Cellar Heat

This is actually a WordPress theme that happens to have a site of its own. Gives off a gothic feel with a touch of translucency.


Break the monotony (and possibly the eerieness) with something brighter, quirkier, or both.

Cedric Dugas

I like that the grunge effect here is peeking at the sides, when normally you’ll find it all over the background. I also like that it’s got different hues.

Alex Elchehimi

I like this site’s color scheme, even though that brick red is close to becoming unreadable on that denim blue. It’s a clean (though a little grungy) one-page site.

Lucky Rabbit Films

Despite being predominantly black and gray, a splash of red (literally) and touches of gold brighten the whole site up. Another simple and effective technique with the help of color. (Sometimes it’s all you need.)

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