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Friday Focus 11/9/07

Friday Focus Year 2 It is with great pleasure that I start the second year of Friday Focus, the weekly run down of cool things worth checking out before you kick back and relax for the weekend. There is no better way to start your weekend then to be reading the focus every Friday. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Sites of the Week

Another extremely simple yet functional and super-clean portfolio site kicks off this weeks focus. Poccuo is a design collaborative that has done some pretty nice work ranging from websites to logo designs.


Infinise Design finds itself at number two this week, with its clean and compact portfolio design. A ton of truly excellent icons and other designs can be found in the showcase, plus a sweet collection of downloads too.

Infinise Design

Wrapping up this week is Kareo. I discovered this site on CSSGalleries, which I usually do not use when I’m pulling my weekly three sites. This site just happened to catch my eye, and I thought it deserved to make the list. I guess you could classify this one under the “smooth” category.


Digg Weekly

Design50 Ways to Become a Better Designer
Devlounge is on this list, so what the hell, I figured I should mention it.

ProgrammingGraceful E-Mail Obfuscation
From Digg description: Posting a naked e-mail link anywhere on the web, in a newsgroup, chatroom, or weblog comments page is generally the kiss of death for your once-healthy address. Now you can protect your addresses in a fully automated way while at the same time being gracious to all users, so you can focus on what’s really important: getting your content out.

UnderdogWebunload: A web marketplace
Yes, I have done a whole lot promoting on Devlounge already about my new project, but there were some issues that needed to be tended to the first few days, and now that everything is settled, I figured why not one more time. The official Digg post really did horrible (1 damn digg), so even if you do not care about the site, please help support my new project by digging it so I can hopefully get the traffic up there quickly. Thanks in advance!

  1. By Noah Everett posted on November 9, 2007 at 11:58 am
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    I’ve found that digg traffic doesn’t produce “sticky” users, at least very few for the amount of traffic a front page story would give you.

    Hope the new projects finds success.

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