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Friday Focus #12

First Friday Focus of the new year, and what a bad start, already a day behind! Unfortunately I wasn’t home much yesterday, so I didn’t get a chance to type up this weeks FF until today. Definitely on my list of new years resolutions I have to make – Make sure Friday Focus occurs on Fridays!

Anyways, enough talk, and let’s take a look at what was good this first week of 2007.

Sites of the Week

The first site up this week is Snagt. Snagt is a portfolio of artwork and photographs, and I love how well the site does in displaying it. A playful site that really goes well with the many sketches on the site.


Next up is the excellent and extensive portfolio of Shane Mielke. Works include various designs and sites for car companies, Motorola, the FWA, and many more.

Shane Seminole Mielke

Finally this week we have the Norwegian Cruise Lines site, sporting ocean blues and illustration that really shows off a fun and vibrant atmosphere. And of course, most of you probably know I’m a sucker for ocean like designs :).


Digg Weekly

Design: 15 Tips to Choosing Good Type Text
You frequently find yourself asking “what font should I use for this?” This article outlines 15 tips to consider when choosing fonts to work with.

Programming: CSS Cheat Sheet
A little css cheat sheet to keep handy for those who may be just digging into css for the very first time.

Help Us Out

Avid Devlounge reader? We dropped a new digg post the other day, only to find Digg down for maintenance shortly after. So we found ourselves with only 1 digg! Help us expand our audience by giving us the special feeling of the “digg effect”. Get to it!

And In other News…

Techcrunch launched a forum yesterday, and needless to say it’s already extremely popular. It will become a good breeding ground to find out about new web applications. I’m sure I’ll be watching to give a few good ones write ups. If you’re interested you can find me there as “snafubmx”.

Enjoy the weekend!

  1. By Rohit posted on January 6, 2007 at 10:41 am
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    small typo – “So we found ourselves we only 1 digg! Help us expand out..”

    I like the Friday Focus way of putting links. I also put up links to sites I find, mind if I start something similar on my blog ? Perhaps a Sunday Focus ? :)

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