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Friday Focus #28

Here we go with week 28 of Friday Focus, and Ronald is now back to contributing to this weekly madness, where we pick some of the best of the best from the past 7 days. Let’s get to it!

Sites of the Week

Starting this week off is Flektor. This clean / grunge style design incorporates flash here and there to showcase features, and is a newly launched social / media storage site (ala Photobucket). It makes the list because I like the overall style.


Next is I-Heart-Luxe which a womens fashion blog. While the design is nothing amazing, it is simply and clean, and goes well with the talk of “luxury” clothing. Some of the images could use some redoing (for example, rss and advertising options on the right) because they are a bitty choppy due to poor quality, but overall, a pretty solid blog design that serves the purpose.

I heart luxe

And rounding out this week is Coda, the newly launched application by Panic. I love the site design, which I think does an absolute great job at spot lighting all the features of the product. Plus, the app itself looks delicious – it’s times like these I wish I had a Mac.


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Favorites from this weeks top submissions

Design: Icon Search Engine
While we all love FamFamFam icons, there are used just about everywhere now. Here is an “icon search engine” that should hopefully help ease the burden of finding different icons to use in designs and web applications.

Programming: Faster Page loads with Image Concatenation
Web applications tend to use a lot of images to help a user navigate the interface, and more simply, just to make the overall appearance look a hell lot better. Too many images can slow down the loading times of an application though and bog down bandwidth. This article offers some suggestions.

Up and Coming

DesignLifeHacker’s Coolest Workspace Contest: The home-integrated office
Cool workspaces we all wish we had.

SoftwareFirefox: Necessity Or Necessary Evil?
Wired Blog asks if Firefox is a necessity or a necessary evil. I guess Internet Explorer is already the necessary evil?

Design Dilemma

Adobe Creative Suite 3 is out. Which bundle do you go for?

Have your own dilemma? Send Ronald yours and we’ll feature it in the next focus.

WordPress Plugin Spotlight

Random Redirect is a plugin that allows users to click a link and be sent a random post somewhere on your blog. This plugin allows users to “discover” your content so-to-speak. The plugin is easy to install and easy to use.