Design Focus

Friday Focus #37

Week 37 is here, bright and early today so I don’t forget about it later on or get preoccupied :) . Enjoy the weekend everyone, and for anyone at Wordcamp, let me know how it goes!

Sites of the Week

Kicking off this week is the recently redesigned portfolio of Rob Goodlatte. The design has that classic, rustic wild west wanted poster type feel, even all the way down to how comments are styled. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but I grew into it and I think it is pretty darn nice.

Rob Goodlatte

Second this week is Sroown, a most flash based portfolio for an interactive media agency. One of the unique things that caught my attention besides some of neat and simple flash effects, was the list of services. They are set up in a tag cloud format, although you can not click anything. I thought it was a nice different way of showing what you can do rather than a standard list.


Wrapping out this weeks top three is 30elm. A home project site at heart, it is designed to look more like a portfolio of web work rather than houses. My only problem is it appears theres a bug at the bottom of the page, where the drop shadow background doesn’t extend the width of the page like all the others. Other than that, it is rather clean.


Digg Weekly

Design:The Open Source Web Design Toolbox: 100 Tools, Resources, and Template Sources
List seem to be ever popular on Digg. Check out this list of 100 tools, resources, and templates that could become time savers for everyone.

Programming: How to Find a Good Domain Name
From the digg description: Don’t let everyone convince you that all of the good domains are already taken. Remember, we wrote something somewhat similar back last winter about vowel dropping in domain names.

Plugin Reminder

If you missed Ronald’s sidenote post the other day, you missed what may be one of the best WordPress plugins (and truly most useful for everyone) that was just released. WordPress Automatic Update (WPAU) will download the latest version of WordPress for you, backup all your files, and than upgrade to the newest version, without you having to do anything. I didn’t want to test it with Devlounge (plus we are already on the newest version) so I gave it a shot on my WordPress development blog install, and it worked perfectly. It may not be completely original as there is another plugin that has been out for a while that does the same thing, but WPAU’s execution is flawless, and I know they have a lot of extra functionality features planned for future releases. Go get it now!

Interviews: Revisited

Want to know who our next interview is going to be with? You may want to refresh your memory with some of our interviews from last year. We could just be checking in with some of them again in one massive interview ;).