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Design Focus: Hand Meets Phone

There’s a bit of rivalry going on between native apps and web apps but the best ones of the former will still go out of their way to build a site to promote them. And more often than not, there’s a design pattern they usually follow: a prominently featured photo of a hand holding a phone (usually the iPhone) with the app loaded.

Designs of the Week

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This trend of animating the app as you scroll further down is great, because while a video demo is great, your scroll sets the pace. As you reach the bottom, a slightly translucent black footer covers the content and asks you to sign up for updates via email or like and tweet.



I really appreciate that unlike the boatload of sites that how just one photo of a hand holding a phone, this site shows two, and the angle works great for the product they’re selling: photography software. Also a nice touch: adding images taken with the app from the community, located not at the bottom of the page but right below the header, which makes, a nice colorful border.

MailChimp Gather

MailChimp Gather

Here’s another subtly implemented split layout, with the icon sliding down the middle as indicator. I like the layering and translucency also done here. Apart from the photos, there’s a very minimal, subdued, and not just flat look to the elements on this page.

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