Design Focus

Design Focus: Playing with Perspective

We’re looking at sites that bring a 3-dimensional feel to the design, but not just with flat illusions but an interactive interface you, the audience, can control.

Designs of the Week

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Acko.net website


I remember when this site still had a static version of this design. Now it’s been updated using native browser technologies. The effects aren’t limited to the scroll from header to content, but also horizontally from one section of the site to another, not to mention asynchronous page loading. Downside is you can only enjoy the effect in WebKit browsers and there’s the challenge of graphics-intensive computations against low-powered machines. Design-wise, it’s a bit minimal save for the bright stripes at the top. The post archives also use a halved grid instead of thirds.

ideawebme website


I like the idea of pull-out panels on both the top and bottom parts of the page, then the 3-dimensional logo in the center gives a bit of a clue where your focus (via the cursor) currently is. Navigating this way may be confusing to some, but like non-vertical layouts it gives a different, possibly more expansive feel from the way one normally browses webpages.

Makiety website


You don’t often see a spinning effect on a third axis. The design strikes a balance between the colorful and delectable treats in the slideshow (which are actually 3-dimensional advertising products) and the more understated color scheme of grays and reds.

Social Media Weekly

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User ExperienceProperties of Intuitive Web Pages
“When something is unintuitive it steals the focus of the user from what they actually want to do. It gets in the way of a task. An intuitive design is when the user is focused on their objective or task.”

Mobile Web DesignOverhauling mobile.twitter.com from the ground up
“Even a simple wireframe of a single view proved extremely valuable in setting the tone for the project. It made the product vision much more concrete and gave us a starting point for front-end work.”

Design, User ExperienceWe Are All Experience Designers
“The message of today’s article is quite simple, but many of us fail to grasp it: Design. Is. One.”

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