Design Focus

Design Focus: Print Pubs

Featured this week are sites that offer beautifully crafted print publications in the realm of design, with very familiar names at the helm.

Designs of the Week

Build on DIYThemes’ Thesis Framework for rock solid SEO and great layout customization options.

Offscreen Magazine

Offscreen Magazine

The top view photographs of the magazine are great. You can drag them sideways to explore more shots. There’s also an occasionally-animated violator linking to the latest issue right below the full header. The overall look screams sophisticated, and perhaps my favorite UI touches are found on the Buy page.

The Manual

The Manual

There’s a running theme in terms of aesthetics with these three sites: elegant body typeface with a contrasting industrial one for the titles. These latter two even have similar shades of red-orange for accent and buttons.

8 Faces

8 Faces

The “swipe to view more photos” feature is also available on this page, which seems to be the preferred pattern over the slider.

Social Media Weekly

Pagelines lets you build WordPress websites and it’s as easy as drag and drop, go check it out!

HTMLA Complete Guide to the Table Element
“You can think of it as a way to describe and display data that would make sense in spreadsheet software. Essentially: columns and rows.”

Mobile, OptimizationA Beginner’s Guide to Perceived Performance: 4 Ways to Make Your Mobile Site Feel Like a Native App
“While improving actual performance is important, it turns out it doesn’t really mean that much to the end user unless they can actually sense the improvement.”

CSS, Optimization10 Terrific Time-Saving CSS Cleanup Tools
“Everyone from the everyday visitor to the most scrutinous fellow designer will benefit from your diligent, clean CSS markup.”

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