Design Focus

Design Focus: Shape Studies

Our featured designs for the week focus on geometric manipulations that influence and are influenced by the content in them.

Designs of the Week

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Carol Rivello's website

Carol Rivello

It’s quite delightful to find designs that play with shapes and mathematical proportions (golden ratio, anyone?) but still retain that warm, organic feel with textures and patterns. Other familiar techniques on this site include leather, stitching, ribbons, sheared borders, and shadow effects.

Voluble website


More irregular shapes at work over here, and not just for decoration but as symbols and graphs to represent the information on the page. Even the contact page, which contains a map inside thick borders, looks like a framed abstract painting.

Andre Kreft's website

Andre Kreft

Another bold, exciting look—from the mountainous edges to the thick bright yellow borders and the abstract background.

David Spinks's website

David Spinks

This design is the opposite of the other ones featured in this post; all we have here is a pyramid and a circle behind the logo. But the minimal look makes quite a conversation.

Method Design Lab website

Method Design Lab

Very cool concept for the homepage: pulling feeds from around the web and color-coding them according to freshness. The rest of the site is standard fare, with grids on a gray and hot pink color scheme.

Lowdi website


A wonderfully designed, not to mention responsive, vintage-inspired site. You gotta love the use of curved shapes here, even on the balloon tooltips.

Superbe Interactive website

Superbe Interactive

Colorful and funky but not intimidating at all. There’s a 3-column grid for photo-centric pages, while the rest follow a half and half layout.

Social Media Weekly

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