Design Focus

Design Focus: Studio Duos

This week we’re looking at sites that are designed around the people who make them and happen to in twos. The concept of dichotomy is still present, but this time you don’t have to choose.

Designs of the Week

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These Are Things

These Are Things

Love the illustrations and the way the boy and girl travel through them making for deconstructed scenes representing each portion of their site, with each graphic object sliding in parallax. So one second they’re on a hill, then they get new clothes like paper dolls in the studio, and get framed inside a book. It’s cute and imaginative in a familiar but still fresh way.

Mickey & Johnny

Mickey & Johnny

This one takes the polar opposite,  minimalist studio approach. The symbol in between the two names morphs into different ones as it waits for you to click on a name. This displays his body of work linearly, while the respective navigation menu stays his edge of the screen. I like the straightforwardness, but one problem I encountered was that when I played a video from one artist and moved to the “other side” to play another, it would not stop.

Iron to Iron

Iron to Iron

I like the recurring diamond shapes and the way content / links are presented as half and half. I also like logo slider serving as portfolio navigation on each page and how the framed screenshot also scrolls as you go down the page—though it could also be considered confusing because two layers are moving at once and at different speeds.

Social Media Weekly

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DesignSanta Brand Book
“Brand guidelines for the world’s biggest brand, to make sure the Marketing Elves stay on message.”

CSS, Responsive Web Design – The Responsive Hover Paradigm
“I’ve been thinking about how we can combat the concern of not knowing if our customers are using touch or a mouse, not to mention keyboard or Wacom tablets or Minority Report screens.”

Typography – Universal Typography
“On the Web we set limits and adjust behaviors to fit the environment. Typography on the Web is a continuum of conditional logics.”

Front-End Development – Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools
“Get the most of your developer tools in Chrome, Firebug, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.”

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