Design Focus

Design Focus: Vines

Our featured designs for this week are of the creeping variety, a very popular design element for years now.

Designs of the Week

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Voz que Clama website

Voz que Clama

I like how well integrated the illustration is into the slideshow, and it’s not just another plain rectangle on the site. The dark purple doesn’t appear depressing at all, especially because of the level of detail in the design.

Rasner Hof website

Rasner Hof

Another nice treatment here, playing with foreground and background levels. Bold crimson background for the main content area right up against bright green! A bit of a challenge on the eyes if you ask me.

Allure Graphic Design website

Allure Graphic Design

The end-to-end immersion of the illustrations is great, from backgrounds to custom bullet points in every area. There’s also a nice little area on the about page where the designer lists the color scheme of the page, with yummy color names no less. Below it are the tools she uses at work. More details like naming the testimonials page “love letters” complete the sweetheart feel of this site.

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