Smart and Easy Remote Web Conferencing

The ability for teams to communicate with each other has grown rapidly in the past decade. We can find examples all over the Internet which provide companies a method of teleconferencing meetings and tutorials. You can even locate fun examples online related to technology and educational speakers from around the world.

I think a good place to start is by asking what is a webinar? The explanation is a web-based seminar – something that can teach and educate listeners directly from the web. Lectures, workshops, keynote speeches, and similar events will all work perfectly as webinars. One important aspect is that webinars allow viewers to share data back and forth with each other. This is not simply a static video stream, but it offers dynamic interactions from team members.

Basic Web Conferencing

There are a large number of providers and web services focused directly on webinars. This may leave you in a state of confusion when attempting to purchase an account at one of these places. But after reading a number of handy articles the purpose of web conferencing should be more ubiquitous.

I really like the website Best Webinar which is more of a comparison tool for interested users. The site provides a number of helpful reviews for all the top-names in web conferencing software. The prices are varied dramatically from under $10/month up to $50/month. Obviously the more expensive packages come with more features and better user support. However it may not hurt your company to spend less money on the conferencing software if you do not need more advanced functionality.

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If you would rather look over service providers in a table chart this may be an easier representation of data. You can easily compare different prices and review scores for many different companies. This is a crucial decision which can impact the productivity of many staff members. It is worth taking a bit of time to do research and find out which providers can work best for your needs.

Go for the Presentation

Flashy software and user interfaces can draw your attention, but do not always work as they intend. Thus it is up to you as a consumer treading the waters to determine which services are going to be the most helpful. If you are struggling to pinpoint your exact features I recommend going through this SlideShare presentation on webinars.

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There are so many different topics and reasons to get into web conferencing. Big businesses will have the money to afford more complex solutions, and thus have less of a concern for scaling to a new product in the future. But for smaller teams and startups you need to work with every penny you have available. One popular online magazine has put together a 3-part series named a beginner’s guide to webinars. Definitely worth a quick read if you are new on the topic and want to understand more of the inner-workings to web conferencing.

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