Top 5 Antivirus Features That You Should Always Require

Antivirus Software Must Have FeaturesAntivirus software is NOT created equal. Some programs offer very basic protection by scanning incoming files and looking for already installed virus and malware files. Others are more complex, offering identity protection, safe web browsing settings, social network protection, and other security features that are a must-have in today’s technologically focused society.

Whether you plan on purchasing an enterprise level antivirus suite for your company or a paid option for home use, these top 5 features that Antivirus programs must have should remain on your radar.

Folder and File Encryption

These days hackers are becoming smarter and therefore they are able to gain access to computer systems at a faster rate. Folder and file protection secures your most important documents once an intrusion is successful.

This feature allows users to set specific passwords for certain folders which then protects those files with an extra-layer of security.

Encrypted files and folders should use a different password than other accounts you own.

Keylogging And Screen Capture Protection

If a hacker makes their way onto your computer you probably don’t want them to find out all of your account passwords or capture conversations you are having with other people. Keylogging and screen capture protection specifically watches for keyloggers and makes your keystrokes indecipherable on the hackers end.

Wireless Network Protection

We live in an increasingly wireless world and protecting our WiFi networks from snoops is very important. Many antivirus programs work to create an additional firewall around your network. These programs scan for router based viruses and other attacks and help stop hackers before they can even gain access directly to your computer.

Oftentimes wireless network security will include network intrusion capabilities that lets you know when a neighbor or passerby is attempting to steal your WiFi bandwith.

Wireless network protection should be included alongside a strong router password for added security.

Website Based Safety Intrusion

A good example of this type of intrusion help is found via McAfee SiteAdvisor. That software provides green (safe), yellow (proceed with caution), and red (don’t visit this site), warnings.

Computer viruses are often spread through “bad neighborhood” websites and a website based safety intrusion feature from your antivirus program is a good way to stop those intrusions.

Email Protection From Viruses and Phishing

Just as web surfing protocols can stop hackers from grabbing your information at the website level, email protocols stop viruses from ever reaching your inbox.

A great virus scan program will scan your emails and ditch them in viruses or malware is detected.

Many antivirus programs also search for phishing scams and remove those messages in order to protect users who may fall prey to scam-based messages.

We understand that not everyone is an antivirus expert and therefore you should do your due diligence before choosing a piece of software with the features listed above. Our friends at BestAntivirus.com have created a platform with full reviews of the virus scan industry’s best and most trusted virus scan programs. Check out the features and their capabilities for multiple virus scan program and then choose the program that meets your needs.

Just remember, a free program will give you “free” features while even a cheaper $20 program may offer you the protection you truly need.

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