Deal of the Week: WordPress Shortcodes Plugin +3 Extra Premium Themes

Most developers have spent a bit of time using WordPress as it is one of the more stable platforms available. Plugins and themes are the cornerstone to easy design changes. Customizing your own website can be tough, however a CMS is always a better solution to save yourself the manual labor.

lizatom shortcodes wordpress plugin deal preview demo

This current deal is offering a complete WordPress shortcodes plugin along with 3 extra premium themes for WP. The Lizatom Shortcodes plugin has garnered quite a bit of attention for such a small product. It contains over 5,000 different shortcodes which you may use inside your WordPress posts or pages. The various content list includes:

  • tooltips
  • image shadows
  • filtered portfolios
  • tabbed content boxes
  • info/alert boxes
  • blockquotes
  • text highlighting
  • and a lot more!

All of these features are amazing and the plugin itself is mind-blowing. But adding another three free premium themes into the mix and this deal is practically unbelievable. The original price was $137 but you can pick up a copy from Mighty Deals for only $19 USD! That is over 85% of a discount from the original selling price.

mighty deals wordpress plugins premium sales

How can you beat that? I would imagine that any WordPress developer both freelance or company-based can understand the magnitude of this offer. Consider pitching to your boss or client at your next meeting and see if they think it would be worth the extra money. Or even consider picking up a license for yourself and your own personal projects.

The practicality of this plugin goes well beyond good measure. Having direct access to a long list of short codes means you can build fairly dynamic content into a more static text editor. Since the WordPress functions backend will connect into PHP you may also pull entries from the database or list other important variables from the $post array. Check out the MightyDeals demo page and see if you can find a good use for this outstanding WP theme/plugin package.

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