The Benefits of Mint

Ahh, it’s always so nice when spring comes along and you can open windows for the first time since the fall, clean things up, and start fresh.

Starting fresh – it’s just one of those ideas you can almost smell.

Fresh was the idea behind Mint, the javascript stats package that was a continuation of Shaun Inman’s popular little program called Shortstats. Mint’s mission was to be a no strings attached, straight to the point stats program, that used advanced techniques and technologies to track more then just hits and uniques.

Mint accomplished just that, after launching in 2005 and receiving a warm welcome in the designer community. Mint had trully shown in was a revolution in statistics logging.

The Features

Right from install, mint provides you with the most friendliest and cleanest looking green and black scheme ever. It truly makes you want to have a mint (or a few). Installation, well, let’s just say it melts in your mouth, being in nearly 2 minutes you’re seeing the mint admin panel for the first time, and seeing the very beginning of a greater look into your visitors.

Mint - Pref Config

Mint - First View

A Indepth Look into Whose Who

Mint allows you the chance to break down your visitors, and find out where they’re coming from and where they’re going once they get to your site. Mint also allows the recent referrers to be exported through rss, so others can know exactly whose linking you.

Where they coming from?

Design Better by Knowing More

Another benefit of Mint is it’s User Agent 007. UA does what most common stats programs such as Awstats do, but ten times better. Mint tracks your users resolution, what version of flash they have, browser, and operating system. This is greatly beneficial during future designing, because you know what the majority of your visitors can see in terms of screen res and browser compatibility.

User Agent - On Your Side

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    And what do you think about Google Analytics? Mint is better?

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