How to Find Free Electronics and Equipment on the Internet – Businesses can Do This Too!

It’s one thing to buy inexpensive office equipment and electronic devices on the internet and it is quite another to get totally free items. You may have wondered whether it is indeed possible to get valuable electronic or mechanical gadgets on the internet. The answer is that indeed it is, though there is most probably a certain amount of legwork you have to do as well as discernment you have to employ.

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Also, people often associate getting free hardware and various electronic devices with individual consumers who are using the internet. But businesses, loaded with other costs such as web design, marketing, and production, can benefit from these strategies too. They can put someone on the task of finding these offers and if that person works diligently, save hundreds of dollars equipping offices with free laptops, cell phones, web cams, and many other handy devices for the workplace. In these troubled economic times, it makes sense for businesses to save money wherever possible. Consider trying to outfit your office with some free items so you can concentrate on some of the more important expenses involved in your business.

The following are some tips on getting free devices on the internet:

Free Trial Offers

One of the main ways that people can get free gifts on the web, including electronic items like cell phone and computers, is by taking part in free trial offers. The way the process works is basically as follows:

Certain websites want traffic, subscriptions, or customers. These companies may offer any number of different goods and services. The first step to getting people on board is to have them try out the product or service for a limited time. A good way to entice people to do this is to offer them a free gift if they try out a service.

Another party in this sales interchange is a company that is willing to donate some free item as part of some deal they have with the website or company giving the trial offer. The first company may purchase many of the devices cheaply and then offer them free as part of its marketing, or the maker of the gift (in this case and electronic device) may be willing to give things away because they get valuable marketing data and exposure for their products. Either way the free gift comes into play simply as a way of attracting customers. In some cases these are fairly expensive mass produced items like IPods or cellular phones.

Free Gift Cards

Another way these offers work is through gift cards. Sometimes the companies running trial offers promise the customer a free gift card if they subscribe, refer customers, or make some other purchase. These gift cards are often non specific and can be used to purchase any item of your choice. That could be an Xbox or an iPhone


This is a longer shot, but you can participate in sweepstakes. With some sweepstakes you have more of a chance of winning than with others. In some you win money of you win, and in others you may win a free gift or trip. You can try to select a number of different sweepstakes to increase your chances of winning some gadget you’re looking for, or win money to purchase it.

Free Offer Websites

There are dedicated websites that list hundreds of offers like this. You can consult these websites to find a plethora of these sorts of deals. You can perform searches on the type of electronic device you’re looking for and see if you can even find several free trial offers or chances to win it and line them up, increasing your chances.


There is a big cautionary note that has to go along with all this. There are a great many scams or misleading offers in the world of free items online as well. A large part of your task is simply sorting out which offers are genuine and which are not. And in almost all cases you need to be conscientious and cancel some subscription of membership on a website after some period of time or it will automatically bill your credit card. The idea scenario is to subscribe to an offer, stay on top of how long you have to cancel it before being charged, and then cancel it early, keeping the free gadget.

You can read user review sites, check with the Better Business Bureau, and ask questions on forums to check if a site is genuine.

The final word here is that you need to be fairly vigilant and responsible and do your homework in order to get free items on the internet. If a single employee or a team concentrates on this in the office, they are bound to find a wealth of free items useful to a business. There is a gigantic sea of electronic gadgetry out there and some of it is indeed free. Someone will get it, so why not your business?

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