Monetize Your Site by Reviewing Products You Already Use

If you want to make some extra money from your site, an effective monetization method is reviewing products that help you with your web work.

Make a list of products you use in your work and see if there is an affiliate program for that product. Then, write in-depth reviews of those products. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • If you’re a web developer, you may have read some books that helped you learn how to code.
  • Are you satisfied with your web hosting? If you are, check to see if your host has an affiliate program.
  • If you’re a freelancer, you probably use software to help you run your business. Many web apps have an affiliate program and you can sell off-the-shelf software through Amazon.com.


Don’t get too creative with your titles.  State the product and then add the word review. This will help you attract traffic from internet users searching for the product name.

So don’t use a title like Here is a Great Time Management Book. Instead, try Getting Things Done Book Review.

High Quality Traffic

Reviews may not get you a lot of traffic. However, the traffic that comes from reviews is high quality traffic.  People searching for reviews are usually more likely to buy than the average internet searcher. Search terms related to product reviews show an intent to buy whereas most other search terms are used by people only looking for information.

Compare tv american idol schedule guide with tv american idol dvd review. The person using the first keyword just wants to know when American Idol comes on TV while the person using the second keyword is thinking about buying.

This is why I like to call the phrases related to products “money keywords.”  Even if you don’t get a lot of traffic to your reviews, you’ll earn more money per visitor from that traffic than your other traffic.

How Much Traffic Can You Expect?

The success of this monetization strategy depends largely on two things: (1) how popular the product is and (2) how much authority your site has.

Reviewing a popular product should lead to more traffic. However, if a product is very popular, many people will review it so you’ll have a lot of competition on the search results pages.

This is where your site’s authority comes into play. Authority is basically how much the search engines like your site. Sites with more authority will rank higher than sites with lower authority. The main way to increase your authority is to get links from quality sites.

Over to You

What products could you review and recommend to other web workers?

  1. By mary posted on March 10, 2009 at 1:58 pm
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    Excellent post! Thank you. I occasionally review a book I find useful, so I may extend this to other stuff too.

    thanks again

  2. By Chung Bey Luen posted on March 10, 2009 at 2:09 pm
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    I agree with you. Since you are promoting the product that you used, your readers will clear their doubt and feel more comfortable to buy the product.

  3. By Dee Barizo posted on March 10, 2009 at 4:13 pm
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    Thanks! Good luck with your reviews.

    Good point.

  4. By kevin (butterfly marketing) foster posted on March 11, 2009 at 8:06 pm
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    these are all good ideas, and another thing we might recommend to our readers are educational products; for instance, there are courses on how to use dreamweaver or photoshop listed on clickbank, and there are lots of newbies (and even people who’ve been online for a while) that might be interested in those courses: i’ve taken several, and i’d have no problems recommending them.

    another area where pretty much everybody online might be interested in is learning how to market their products or services effectively. along those lines, i’d recommend mike filsaime’s buterfly marketing 2.0 course – the first version of this course sold for $1,997 (and he sold a ton) – and he’s *giving away* the updated version (you just pay shipping and handling). the catch? you’re automatically subscribed to his $39.95/month newsletter (but you can cancel it any time). i think this is well worth a look.

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