Solutions for Masking your Internet Traffic

There is a lot of prominent advice on the Internet regarding your own privacy. Users do not always consider how easy it can be to snoop into a public wi-fi or even into a weak(but protected) network. Your Internet history is something you may wish to keep to yourself, and it can be annoying if you are working from multiple locations without a spec of privacy.

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I think there are a huge set of great providers for VPN services which you can use for accessing privately masked Internet connections. The Virtual private network is a method of accessing a network of computers from your own, thus masking your IP and allowing you to surf the web on the VPN’s IP address. It can be a hassle at first, and very stressful if you are new to VPN software. However I greatly recommend this technique if you need some more privacy when accessing the Internet.

Benefits of VPN Usage

One of the most helpful social news communities on Reddit /r/vpn is full of knowledgeable members and topical comment threads. The sub has a wonderfully helpful FAQ page discussing the major purposes of VPN networks. And although there are some free services, you can tell these lack a major standard of quality in comparison to paying for a real VPN.

Managing your own VPN servers will take time and money. People who give this away for free are probably not offering the greatest quality. It could get to the point where it’s not even worth your time and it would be better to work on a real VPN service. But there are so many options out there – how do you know which to choose?

The people over at Best VPN run a great website of reviews and studies on the best VPN providers. Looking through some of their reviews and blog posts you can find great information on all the top brands. I really like the BestVPN Top 10 List as it provides a monthly price chart and scores for each of the companies. This is definitely not an easy decision and it shouldn’t be made with haste unless you have already done some research.

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Spend a bit of time on each company’s website and look through their services. It would help to also Google articles which compare similar VPN hosts to determine what other people have chosen. Users will generally have some foresight into what you need and it can be educational to soak up information from bulletin board threads or blog posts on similar topics.

Masking your History

The network services provide you with a quick access URL or another piece of software for tunneling into the VPN. This is the best technology when you need to mask your home or office IP address. It does not require hours to learn, and you could get something working in just 20-30 minutes of practice. This excellent article on WikiHow explains how to use a VPN which should be a good starting resource.

If the VPN company has a website URL this can be accessed from any computer with your username/password combo. However if the VPN requires software then you will need to install this on each of the computers where you plan to access private Internet. If you can find the right price it is an exciting process to get into VPN usage. Many users will never go back to standard connections once they start on VPN access!

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