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Blog Networks and What Could Have Been

It was a crisp May day when I first submitted an infant Devlounge into the mass pile of applications that was the 9rules Round 4 submission period. 24 hours of craziness, which, when it was all said and done, led to somewhere around 700 submissions of applicants just like myself hoping to nudge their way […]

9rules Network Round 5 Has Ended

9rules Network has started their Round 5 submission round for just 24 hours. What are you waiting for? Get over to 9rules and submit your site! Note: 9rules submission has ended. There were 1190 sites submitted. Hopefully you were able to submit your site in time if you aren’t already a member of 9rules.

Prepare for the Fall Reboot

With the 2006 Fall CSS Reboot about to get underway in the next couple of weeks, what better way to get your design senses flowing well with the latest season by using this helpful guide. In it we’ll point out some colors and techniques that you can have a much easier time getting away with using different the fall than any other season.

9rules Welcomes Devlounge

Nearly three months to the day Devlounge was submitted into the 9rules Round 4 Madness, Scrivs has officially welcomed Devlounge into the family. A lot has changed in the three months between May and today, including the redesign of Devlounge, more content, and most recently, a whole new group of contributors. Things are looking good. […]

Paul Scrivens

We go inside the mind of Oreoceo and Wisdump owner, and of course, 9rules ceo, Paul Scrivens, on topics from blogging to bar fights – and a whole lot more.

A new blog network

Over the best few days I spent time reworking my other project, Soundchronicle, into an all music related blog and site network. The idea was to expand on what 9Rules was doing, but narrow it down to nothing but music. The result was Soundchronicle, but with Network added to the end. The network went live […]

9Rules, 111 Results

After weeks of anticipation and waiting, 9Rules finally released the Round 4 acceptance list, even a little earlier then expected. 111 sites were selected out of 700, and I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to narrow down the list to just over 100. Devlounge was included in the list, and we […]

9Rules Results Expected

The fourth round of 9Rules submissions, which ended on May 18th, is due to finalize it’s choices for network acceptance over the upcoming week. From 9rules’ blog: “Next week we will be publishing a master list of all the sites that were accepted into Round 4 and after that we will start with the individual […]

9Rules: The Link Pool

So, only a few hours into 9Rules Round 4 of submissions, and it appears the staff are going to have their hands full for a while. So, what does this mean? It means 9Rules is getting a hefty amount of links, and what better way then to allow you to showcase your own sites here. […]

9Rules: Getting There

Our own little perspective on what it takes to make it into the 9Rules Network, as round 4 of submissions nears on May 17th.

9Rules Round 4

9Rules recently announced it’s fourth round of submissions to the prominent 9Rules Network. The 24-Hour submission period will take place on May 17th, 2006. 9Rules staff have begun posting tips to being accepted in 9Rules, based on what they look for when searching through the thousands upon thousands of entries. In our own article, we discuss […]