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Friday Focus 07/29/11: Triangles

We’ve looked at designs with irregular shapes and circles before (twice, even), and this week we’re adding triangles to that list. Time for this week’s Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 05/01/09: Brown Bunch

It doesn’t happen a lot on Friday Focus, but this week we have a bunch of websites featured, all dressed up in brown.

Friday Focus 04/24/09: Earth Friendly

In honor of Earth Day 2009, which took place this week, let’s look at organic, sustainable, eco-friendly websites not only in appearance but also in substance.

Friday Focus 04/10/09: Dark Rainbows

Rainbows are typically loud and attention-grabbing, but these sites have toned down the explosion of color to bring about a more modern look altogether.

Friday Focus 03/27/09: Twitter Mania

Twitter has just turned three but it it’s still the most talked about webapp in ages. That’s because people are constantly coming up with ways to extract, arrange, and present its data. Let’s take a look at some nicely designed 3rd-party websites that harness its power.

Friday Focus 11/21/08: Focus

Focus is one of the most important aspects of design—you need to tell the audience which elements are important and which aren’t. This week’s featured sites execute this idea well, and even take it to the next level. See if these designs don’t grab your attention at all!