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5 Most Bizarre but Useful Calendars

I love calendars. While they have become largely unnecessary thinks to technology in just about every electronic in the average person’s possession, there is just something special about them. Maybe it is the traditional touch that reminds me of earlier days, when cell phones were enormous and computers were a novelty in homes. Perhaps it […]

Friday Focus 05/27/10: In Your Face Illustrations

This week on Friday Focus: illustrations that appear front and center in these websites, because we want them big, bright, and beautiful.

Friday Focus 03/26/10: Full Bloom

Let’s celebrate the new season with stunning designs that display the best nature has to offer. Happy Friday Focus!

Larissa Meek

In a Devlounge exclusive, I recently got the chance to talk design and art with a former Miss USA, current supermodel, and of course, designer. Sit back and give our interview with Larissa Meek a read. Devlounge: Hey Larissa, thanks for giving up some time around the holidays to chat with me. Mind giving […]