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Friday Focus 06/03/11: North East South West

Here’s an interesting technique to try out in this week’s Friday Focus: designs that have four main navigational items arranged at right angles to each other, much like the four main directions on a compass.

Friday Focus 02/25/11: Yellow & Black

Here’s another popular color combination making the rounds: it’s yellow and black on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 08/21/09: Dark Neutrals

This week on Friday Focus, we’re featuring light on dark sites with little to no use of color, just the neutral gray, brown, and black.

Friday Focus 07/17/09: Old Newspapers

This week on Friday Focus, we pay homage to the good old newspaper, whose elegance and practicality ought to transcend the ages. Print isn’t dead; not quite yet.

Friday Focus 10/10/08: All Colors of the Rainbow

No color in the spectrum is left unturned this week on Friday Focus. It’s all rainbows here—but no unicorns though!

Friday Focus 09/05/08: Blue

This week on Friday Focus: the most popular color on the planet, blue. After the immense popularity of green (and pink?) during the Web 2.0 wave, it looks like web designs are going back to everyone’s favorite color. And we have a bucket full of examples to prove it.

Matt Brett back in black

In a random turn of events, Matt Brett has brought back the classic black design, with the addition of some css updates and tweaks. I, for one, am glad to see the black back. While I liked the pink and white, the black really gave it the Matt Brett feel. Plus, grunge always looks better […]