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The Technical Side of Blogging

Views about blogging differ depending on who is looking. Many see it as some form of online diary where they are free to write anything, at any time, at any place. While this is essentially true, it is not accurate to say that bloggers are free as well from the technical challenges of maintaining a […]

Design Focus: Blogging in 2013

The clean, minimal, and handcrafted feel that has dominated the current generation of web design is probably most apparent in this crop of websites. Time to take some notes on their attention to detail in building an interface that’s familiar to us all.

Content Management Systems for a Fast Backend

Web designers are not often concerned with the performance of their website. This is often left up to the developer(s) who need to cater both frontend and backend codes. Considering how popular the open source movement has become I wanted to delve a bit deeper into which solutions may provide the quickest user access. I […]

Tools for Bloggers

Blogging has become a time consuming professional job. Long gone are the days that blogs where kept part time or as a hobby. If you write a lot for one or different weblogs, it is essential to have to the right tools to keep organized and work fast. Having a standard work-flow is essential and […]

Three WordPress alternatives for your blog

These blogging systems are definitely worth a look.

Writing RSS-Reader Friendly Posts

Tips on formatting your blog posts to look better in RSS Readers.

3 Reasons Why Web Designers and Developers Should Blog

I know many web designers and developers blog. But for those who don’t, here are couple reasons why you should.

Five ways to keep me from unsubscribing to your feed

Ah, RSS feeds- my favorite bit of “push” technology, where the good stuff comes to you, every day, several times a day. Current events, celebrity news, recipes, even Facebook updates, can all be delivered to one place, without having to browse or make new tabs. The question is, with so many wonderful sites out there, how […]

The Types of Content in Web Design and Development That Send Traffic

What types of content do well in the web design and development arena? I did a little research to find out.

5 Reasons I Don’t Read Your Blog and How to Change That

Blogging, in the long term is all about growing and getting better. Everyone wants to be read by more people, get more comments and have a huge blog, but not everyone can do that. There are many things you can do to turn a reader away very quickly, and you should really avoid these things. […]

SEO and Personal Blogs, What to Do?

Running a personal blog can be great. You have total free reign on the topics, you can build relationships with readers and you can express yourself in any way you like. Running a well read, well visited personal blog is even better. It’s no secret that the best traffic is organic traffic, from search engines. […]

WLTC Essay Contest Results

Many of you probably heard of the Weblog Tools Collection’s recent Essay Contest that was started a while back. Our very own Ronald (Ronalfy) entered his article on “What Not to Blog About“, and while he did not win, his article was viewed the most times out of any of the entries (5000+ Views on […]