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Design Focus: Pink and Blue

I’ll always remember Flickr as the site that capitalized on this color scheme, but it’s great to see sites that express their love for pink and blue to this day. Check out our featured designs this week!

Friday Focus 01/07/11: First Blush

This week’s Friday Focus features designs carrying shades of purple, pink, blue for a look that’s sophisticated, feminine, or both.

Friday Focus 11/12/10: Aquamarine

This week on Friday Focus: cool down with these lovely aquamarine designs.

Friday Focus 05/21/10: Neutralized

I’m seeing a lot of sites whose color palette consists almost exclusively of light grayish, brownish hues. Sounds boring? No such thing for a smart designer.

Friday Focus 05/14/10: Icon Parade

This week’s Friday Focus will tackle websites for a designer’s best friend: icons. Icon sites have been around for the longest time but we’re seeing a lot of sites pushing the envelope in interface innovation, both with their offerings and the website designs they’re found in. The latest trend so far? Websites created for a single icon set—now that’s a great way to promote work.

Friday Focus 12/18/09: Blueprints

Here’s another interesting look that’s being used in websites lately: blueprints. See how they’re translated into this week’s featured websites on Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 12/11/09: Sunbursts

This week, I’ve come across a lot of sites with sunbursts, a specific type of lighting that’s popular with not just the Web 2.0 look anymore. You decide if they’re crucial to the design or not.

Friday Focus 12/04/09: Swashes, stripes, swirls

This week on Friday Focus: websites adorned with colorful, abstract flourishes that give movement and energy to the designs.

Friday Focus 11/13/09: Illustrious Illustrations

Another dose of great sites with great illustrations that carry the design. Happy Friday the 13th Focus!

Friday Focus 09/25/09: Circles

This week on Friday Focus, we have websites that feature circular shapes prominently in their designs. Time to break out of the boxiness and round things up!

Friday Focus 07/17/09: Old Newspapers

This week on Friday Focus, we pay homage to the good old newspaper, whose elegance and practicality ought to transcend the ages. Print isn’t dead; not quite yet.

Friday Focus 07/03/09: Chaotic & Whimsical

Design usually means arranging things in an orderly, meaningful manner, but this week we’re throwing that out of the window and going for chaotic and whimsical sites. Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone, and welcome to this week’s Friday Focus!