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Design Focus: Rotary

Remember when adding circular elements to your design was a novelty and a breakthrough thanks to CSS3? These days it’s not all that surprising to see them, but this week’s featured sites take it to the next level with interactions and layouts that spin, rather than just look round.

Friday Focus 04/29/11: The Parallax Effect

This week on Friday Focus we feature what is probably the most famous non-Flash animated effect employed in websites today.

Friday Focus 10/22/10: Beautiful Data

Pie charts and graphs have never looked sexier with their integration into these websites. It’s beautiful data visualizations on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 08/13/10: Let Your Garden Grow

This week on Friday Focus: vines, blooms, and other foliage that do a great job of framing your website.

Friday Focus 07/23/10: Bento Boxes

This week on Friday Focus: websites whose content are arranged into boxes like those cute bento meals. This time, you must think inside the box!

Friday Focus 04/30/10: Paint Me a Pretty Picture

This week on Friday Focus: lovely scenery and similar eyecandy painted with a virtual brush.

Friday Focus 04/02/10: Easter Spheres

Since it’s Easter next Sunday and I haven’t really seen egg-inspired designs yet, circles will have to do for now! More on this growing trend in this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/25/09: Circles

This week on Friday Focus, we have websites that feature circular shapes prominently in their designs. Time to break out of the boxiness and round things up!