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Design Focus: Blogging in 2013

The clean, minimal, and handcrafted feel that has dominated the current generation of web design is probably most apparent in this crop of websites. Time to take some notes on their attention to detail in building an interface that’s familiar to us all.

Content Management Systems for a Fast Backend

Web designers are not often concerned with the performance of their website. This is often left up to the developer(s) who need to cater both frontend and backend codes. Considering how popular the open source movement has become I wanted to delve a bit deeper into which solutions may provide the quickest user access. I […]

10 CMS That Are Not WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS currently, WordPress focused entries garner more attention then other topics. Even though we like WordPress a lot or not, it’s always good to know what other options there are out there. I chose some of the most known one next to WordPress to the most obscure ones. Varying form […]

Friday Focus 02/19/10: Fixed

This week on Friday Focus: excellent websites that happen to have fixed elements in them.

The Plugin Rule

Are you addicted to plugins, extensions, addons, or whatever they’re called for your CMS? Then you should keep the Plugin Rule in mind. After all, it is way to easy to clutter our sites with additional functionality that hogs load speed and whatnot these days…

Things to Consider When Using Movable Type as a CMS

Blog software is often used to power more than just blogs, and it seems each new release of Movable Type brings more CMS-style features. Here, we take a look at the good, bad, and strange things you can expect when running an entire site with MT.

Finding Harmony Between Categories and Tags on Blogs

Blogs today have categories, and they have tags. The problem is, a lot of blogs have a whole bunch of categories, even more tags, and they’re all clashing with each other due to poor planning. So how could and should we use categories and tags?

MT 4.2 Brings New Features, Some Gotchas

Movable Type 4.2 is here! The new version promises better performance and a ton of new features. Find out what features are most exciting and what changes to look out for if you’re upgrading.

CMS List

With all the content management systems out there (CMS), it’s very hard to pick the perfect one to run your blog or project on. This question frequently comes out everywhere I go: “Which CMS Should I use in this situation?” There are thousands of CMS systems out there – some self-hosted, and some hosted for […]

WebEdit Professional

Every designer/developer at one point needs to think of a system to manage their content. Content management systems (CMS) have literally changed the way designers design. With most content management system requiring themes, designers have to design immense flexibility into a layout.

Customizing WordPress: Layout

This weeks Customizing Wordpress article breaks down the index file, and demonstrates beginner code modifications.